Sunday, April 17, 2016

Making $$ at Reiki Student to Professional practicum

Making $$$ by Energy Healing (reiki & others).   UPDATE1st class graduated 10 June

  So you got your practitioner’s certificate-what is next?
  How do you make the transition from student to professional?
  How do you turn a hobby into a small or large business?
  You’ve been giving Reiki away for free.  How do you start charging for it?
  You think you’ve got all the pieces, but how do you put them together?
  You want to increase your rep/ your credibility.

If any of these describe you, you will find the answers to these dilemmas and more in this new course  -practical, down to earth techniques that work.

This three class certificate course has everything you need to turn yourself polished professional you want to become.
The small class size (maximum 4) ensures that you get attention to detail needed.
Classes are approximately two hours each - 3 two hour classes or 2 three hour classes
Live in Columbus
Classes are taught by master mentor Connie Dohan and master teacher Kathryn Robinson

Lesson 1
You will learn:
- how to set the fee and collect it.
- the basic tools you need to set up an energy healing business.
- how to market yourself (Energy healing is a very different market niche - traditional marketing practices are not successful).
-location – which is best for you & why – brick and mortar store front, owned or rented  studio owned or rented, home based business
-the fine print –legal stuff
-how to get paying customers
-how to handle an unhappy client
-how to stand by your fee when others around you are giving discounts & running promotions and specials

Lesson 2
 You will learn:
-to do a reiki or energy treatment from start to finish on a massage table as well as a simple kitchen chair
-energy boosting techniques the professional energy healers use but don’t share or record anywhere.
- all the ins and outs, pros and cons of doing energy work in a home studio
-will practice on each other.
You will be given a Healer’s Log and shown how & why you should keep it.

Lesson 3
You will:
-go to a real studio and be shadowed by Connie or Kathryn as you do a complete half hour session on a real person you don’t know
-greet the client
-collect the fee
-complete a half hour session
-exit the client

Prerequisites – practitioner’s certificate in any healing modality
Date & time  7-9pm Tuesdays  May 17, 24,31 OR
                     9-noon May weekend  May 14,15
(If these dates don't work for you, contact Connie   to find out about other possible dates.)
Place - Columbus (Dublin) Ohio
Materials –book "Tips and Techniques for Energy Healers"
        available at first class from Connie $25
Course cost $225
Total Cost
   3 session course with text $250 
Max  4 students (prepaid (cash or credit card to Connie or other wise arranged with Connie)


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