Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Surgery and the Aura: What Energy Healers Need to Know

                    Surgery  and the Aura:  What Energy Healers Need to Know

The aura (also known as the subtle body) is the energy field that surrounds the body.
Although we know a lot about it, there is a lot yet to be discovered about it.

It is the body's protector & in a healthy state guards against disease.

Often following surgery. the surgical site remains painful, develops arthritis, has restricted movement or just has an thick or keloided scar line.

There are many medical explanations for this.
However,in my experience, the real answer to this unwanted aftermath of surgery lies in the aura.  

Think about it.  For example for shoulder surgery, the surgeon accesses the site by slicing though all the layers of the aura followed by  the skin and all the muscle layers.  He  completes the surgery by repairing the  muscle layers and the skin.  The auric layers are left undone. All the layers of the aura are left in their severed state.  Anything can enter from the outermost layer an go all the way to the body or seep out to any layer enroute.

Energy healers should be aware of  this and waft the penetrated auric layers gently together.  it is a small thing but can have huge results

Monday, September 14, 2015

Candles for purification, meditation - the most common error

                                     WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE??

We have all been instructed at one time or another to use a white pillar candle for cleansing a room or as an object of focus in meditation.  Problem is that the end instruction to that advice is not said.

Do use a candle for  cleansing, focus , illumination, ambiance.  I always recommend pure beeswax or  white unscented.  Please note that "fresh scent"or "mildly scented" do not  qualify.  What we consider pleasant  & fresh can trigger migraines, asthmatic attacks & serious allergic reaction in others.  There is no such thing as "just a little scent.

Anyway fast-forward. 

You have purchased your white unscented or pure beeswax candles. Now light them, use them for meditation or cleansing or what whatever your purpose.

Now it's time to end the session. What do you do?
If you are like most people, you  blow out the candle-fire safety and all that. Never leave a lighted candle unattended.

You just created the most common error in using candles.

The lit candle has been absorbing and taking in negative energies of the room/space cleansing it.
Good job. Now the smoke coming up from the wick is releasing all that negativity back into the room. You are no better off than you were before.

The remedy to this is simple. Just put a small container (no more than a quarter cup of water is necessary) near the candle or put the candle in a dish that has water in it.  This can  be ordinary tap water- you don't need to go  out & buy distilled water or anything.
This way when you blow out the candle, the negativity will be drawn to the water where it is trapped. The negativity is moved from the room air  to the dish of water.

Now you must dispose of that water very carefully. Being careful not to touch the water, throw it away outside or flush it down the toilet. It needs return to the mineral kingdom to be regenerated and reprocessed.

A very simple thing to do  & it will make such a  big difference!