Monday, July 27, 2015

Aromatherapy -Blends


Comprised of three elements – top note, middle note, base note

-first smell to arise from the blend
-evaporates quickly
-light, fresh, sharp ,penetrating, airy
-add brightness to a blend

ent  of wind chimes or a flute
-stimulate and clear your mind
-uplift your energy
Like Liime, Orange, Grapefruit
(note – morning wake up juices)

Also called the “heart note”
-gives fullness & softness  - rounds out any sharp edges
-can have both top & base aromas in them
purpose is to harmonize your blends.
bring  balance both physically and energetically
soothing and harmonizing for both mind & body
Like Chamomile,  Rosewood,   Peppermint

deep, warm grounded quality
Operate as fixitives , reducing the evaporation of the top notes
Add intensity
often earthy
Aroma rises slowly to the nose – unlike the top notes which penetrates quickly
used to relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia
calming & grounding
usually from resins and roots.
Like  Cedarwood, Vetiver, YlangYlang

Aromatherapy Notes
Top          Middle          Base
Basil (To Middle)
Balsam Peru
Bergamot (To Middle)
Cassia (To Middle)
Cinnamon (To Middle)
Clary Sage (To Middle)
Coriander (To Middle)
Fennel (To Top)
Ginger (To Middle)
Ho Leaf
Hyssop (To Middle)
Ho Wood
Hyssop (To Top)
Neroli (Also as Top)
Lemongrass (To Middle)
Lavender (To Top)
Neroli (To Middle)
Melissa (To Top)
Rosewood (To Middle)
Ylang Ylang (To Middle)

Tea Tree (To Middle)

Thyme (To Middle)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Secret Tip for Boosting Your Energy Sessions

People often say how powerful my energy sessions are.  What's the secret?  How can everyone give super energy sessions - live or distant.

One thing I do which I do not see others consciously doing is simple  and can be done without financial outlay - not even a penny.

Think about your typical energy session.  You move about the table placing hands and intent as you go.

Think again.  This time, perform the same session but be conscious of moving about the table in a clockwise (or counter clockwise) fashion.   

Notice that by doing this simple action you are creating an energy vortex around your client as you go.

You have dramatically increased the power of your session and it didn't cost you a penny!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Chakra Balancing Using Essential Oils


  To bring chakras into harmony, apply diluted essential oil directly on skin in area of chakra.

#1 Base
 Vetivert, Myrrh, Frankincense

     links base & crown chakras

#2  Sacral
Orange, Sandalwood, Rose

    color of this chakra

    connects sacral  & crown chakras
     re connects in cases of trauma

    healing of sexual abuse

#3 Solar Plexus
Chamomile, Vetivert, Juniper

  soothing & balancing

Vetivert or Juniper
   psychic protection

#4 Heart

   opens the heart
   heals old pain
   helps in transition from conditional love to unconditional love

#5 Throat
  cleanses and opens the 5th chakra making for clearer & freer expression of self

#6  Brow
Helichrysum, Rosemary

    deepens ability to tap  into unseen wisdom

   improves inner vision especially clairvoyance

#7 Crown
  Frankincense, Sandalwood, Jasmine

All create a connection between earth & spirit