Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Learn from an Apple

Do not underestimate the wisdom of an Apple 

“Learn from an Apple–if you are getting a cold shoulder from a loved one, care for yourself energetically and wait until the situation gets better.”
~Diane Faist, Dianergy 

Have you ever picked apples direct from a tree at an orchard? Maybe you did as a child. It is time to go again. It is prime apple-picking season in North America This is a wonderful and nourishing experience for your mind, body and soul. When you pick from an organic orchard, you experience a powerhouse beyond measure. This fruit has elevated microorganisms that are essential for your health. And it is also an incredible and powerful exercise in grounding. What could be better than that? Well, just those concepts alone are beyond lovely but there are many more benefits. Apples are naturally hydrating, have incredible trace minerals that you need as well as electrolytes and essential mineral salts that help your body to regenerate hydration after exercise. 

In addition to the joy and health benefits from consuming apples, you will also gain in your emotional life and spiritual desires. Apples open up a part of us that changes our energy and outlook to happier times. These crops have lasted through the tough times. And they can be used in countless recipes. Apples also teach us not to get crippled by the insensitive (frosty) behavior of others in our lives. Start adding more apples to your life. Try eating one or more apples to your day and see what happens. You will be very pleased. For more detailed information on Apples and other amazing Fruits & Vegetables— read “Life-Changing Foods”  by Anthony William, the Medical Medium.

I’d love to schedule a FREE 15-minute connection session with you where we can get to know one another and start you on a path to shine bright and make a difference in the world. I work virtually so that you are always in a place and time that is most comfortable and convenient for you.
www.applepickingorchards.com for locations in the United States to find Apple Orchards. Enjoy!”

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Where am I?? Dianergy Illuminated Insights

Where can you find me? 

“I see the true you, let me help you shine!”
~Diane Faist, Dianergy 

Diane here - life coach, light worker and energy healer with good news for you...For your convenience,  I can now be found at multiple free  (and fee) places on the net.

Why would you want to connect with me?
-as an energy healer, I can offer you healing anywhere on the planet
- I am also certified at the Master-Teacher level in many modalities (Practical Reiki, Power Reiki and more)  and can teach & certify you as well.
-as a life coach, I can assist you in looking beyond the surface, identify the real glitch in your path & guide you to overcoming it.
-as a light worker, I am driven to see you succeed on your path.  If I can't help you, I will be pleased to point you in the right direction to some one who can.

I'd love to get to know you better!
Pour yourself a cuppa (real or virtual)  and contact me...even if you think all is well, we may find something that could be better Let's uncover your True Essence and see you really shine.   I will meet up with you at:
Me@dianergy.com   eMail  or
phone 614-450-2041 or 
2 Sundays live per month 11:30am Eastern in the Healing Room (Sun 16  September)  https://zoom.us/j/754293858
FREE Live healing, questions, general support.

If you want to get to know me first. check,me out at:
-my website: Dianergy.com
- Dianergy  on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter
-my articles appear regularly Tuesdays on raacolumbusoh.blogspot.com
-I can be found discussing angels monthly on amidangels.blogspot.com

Hope to see you soon. Looking forward to working together. 

I’d love to schedule a FREE 15-minute connection session with you where we can get to know one another and start you on a path to shine bright and make a difference in the world. I work virtually so that you are always in a place and time that is most comfortable and convenient  for you.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September Happenings


September 15   Cutoff early bird registration  Sacred Spaces retreat  
                               click here                                     

September 16   10:30- 11:30am eastern
                        Illuminated Learning - Soul Midwifery (Death & Dying)
                        zoom video conference 
                        $25 to Paypal.me/AmidAngels  click here
                        link sent to you on receipt of funds
September 16    11:30am eastern
                        Global Healing Room  - If you need healing, you can get it here
                        If you are a healer, join with healers here.
                        If you have questions to ask or ideas to share, this is the 
                        place to do it.
                        FREE               click here   https://zoom.us/j/754293858 
September FREE give away - complete 8 module video course (value $199)  
                         click here     https://amidangels.blogspot.com/
September  Wednesday Mornings  10:45 - 11:30
                  FREE Readings            
                   FaceBook Live
                  Light Workers Seeing to Shine Events

Monday, September 3, 2018

Sacred Spaces Retreat Illuminated Insights Diane

Sacred Me, Sacred You, Sacred Us  

— Diane

When you pause, and really tune into you…are you confused, overwhelmed or lost in life? Contact me for a FREE 15-minute creation session where we can connect and start you on a path of illumination and direction that is inspiring and feels light and full of possibilities. I work virtually so that you are always in a place and time that is most comfortable and convenient  for you.

“Discover your sacred self. Tune into your soul’s calling”
~Diane Faist, Dianergy 

Rediscover and reclaim your sacred self. Join us for this Sacred Spaces life changing retreat at Serpent Mound – October 26, 27, 28  2018. Unravel the sacred secrets of the mound. Explore and reveal your true self through sacred silence, sacred spirits, sacred ceremonies, sacred self, sacred sounds, sacred space, sacred surroundings, sacred song, sacred symbols,  and sacred surrender.

This retreat is structured mindfully for those on a time crunch and tight budget. If you  are interested in connecting with like-minded people, learning more on your spiritual journey while expanding your experiences and increasing your confidence you have found the right place. It is possible to earn up to $400 worth of certificates built into this program at no extra cost to you. 

Sacred Spaces Retreat— 
  • 3 days of connecting to your spirit and find soul’s calling
  • October 26, 27, 28
  • Serpent Mound, Hillsboro, Ohio
  • Days Inn by Wyndham. Hillsboro, Ohio
  • Metaphysical & Energy Healing certificates, Admission to Serpent Mound, Seminar supplies and manuals, 6 ft. Copper Pyramid Meditation Space, and access to many more resources and activities… also includes hotel occupancy, 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch and 1 dinner. 

Registration is limited—only 20 spots. Registration and details: Connie Dohan

Friday, August 31, 2018


Run down and need a little boost?
Ehausted past soul level?
Worn and weary?
Broken and shattered?

You need a Master Healer.   
Vasu Healer invites you to a free consulation and quote  click here

He also carries on the practice of gratitude and "paying  back the universe" by offering two distant sessions (zoom classroom) per month.  These are powerful and absolutely free.   More info can be found at "The Healing Room"   click here

What are you waiting for??  It's absolutely free.  You've got nothing to lose except the pain!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Beyond Reiki
(Reiki: the next step)
(perfect for those on a time crunch or  tight budget!)
PRAISE For this revolutionary technique-
What others are saying:
"Amazing  wonderful  awesome lovely 
Thank you  thank you  thank you 
I learned ,understood so much. it is unexpected so simple but so powerful I LOVED IT."
AAA    United Arab Emirates

"Beyond Reiki adds so much to my practice.  May your next students realize its’ strength and appreciate you bringing it to us."
CG  Ohio, USA

 What is "Beyond Reiki"?

Using this exciting, revolutionary new technique, you can practice any healing modality in incredible power. Blend it into any healing -you do: Reiki, Chios, angel touch, quantum touch,: golden light, rays  and the others.
Simple to learn, this technique will bring your healing into the fourth and fifth dimension. Both you and your clients will notice the difference.  Good for professional as well as personal use. 
Personal Note:  The energy sessions I give are far more intense and powerful.
As well, a typical 30 minute session is now completed in under 10 minutes.

Recorded Class with required handouts.
Learn at your conenience
Pause, Rewind, Restart as often as you'd like!
$50 to   PayPal.me/AmidAngels

More Info
(Reiki Awakening Academy  news letter 03 July 2018)
This week, I want to make you aware of an amazing energy healing technique.  It is totally out side the box and awesome.

Many of us have “survived” the Big Change of 2012 & weathered the Shift of 2014.  Plus we’ve lived to tell about Mercury Retrograde’s visitation in the lives of ourselves and others.

The events of the past number of years have also has a  HUGE effect on the way energy is delivered and the way we can practice energy healing.  Energy healing is powerful , effecting our  emotional, spiritual, physical bodies.  It has applications for balance and relief from pain and dysfunction .  It is  performed remote or live as well as on humans or animals.

Whether you practice  Reiki, Chios. Golden Light, Quantam Touch, Color Rays or any of the myriads of other modalities out there,  you can now do so in POWER you never thought possible.

BEYOND REIKI is an easy to learn technique  that blends seamlessly with ANY energy healing modality.   It is easy to learn , new, cutting edge and revolutionary.  It allows you to deliver healing energy from the 4th and/or the 5th dimension, - up from the 3D plane you have been operating on up until now.

You will notice the difference immediately  - so will your clients.

It is suitable for professional use as well as personal use.

Now available as a recorded class $50 
Become part of the wave of healers of the future.

C 😊

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Be Creative — Reveal the True You Illuminated Insights Diane

Be Creative — Reveal the True You 

Do not Be Afraid. Now is the time. Express your creativity in the truest form”
~Diane Faist

We are all born with creativity. It takes many forms: painting, creating computer coding or baking — the list goes on and on.  But this is the juicy stuff that comes from your heart and your inner spirit. This  is not the facts and figures from your mind. Just pause, and stop critiquing yourself. LOL Remember as a child, you were more free with expressing yourself. Guess what, all that amazing, magical energy is still inside of you. It is so eager to come out and play. But you have likely forgotten about it and it has been shoved down into the hardly used corner of your psyche.
Guess what, we are now going to start digging around in there and opening up this magical box of inspiring fun and creative surprises. Do not get overwhelmed. You can start with baby steps. The key is to start at the very beginning. The very best place to start.
The pastel angel above, is one I created at a retreat almost a year ago. It was so fun to just play and flow with the art. A friend that was with me at the outing, told me that it reminded her of Lucille Ball. Ha ha ha. So, I ended up giving her the art to keep. But I still have this photo of it. I am continuing to explore other avenues of creativity, too. And I want you to explore more as well. Go where the spirit leads you. 

Crack Open Your Magic— 
  • You are amazing
  • Remember what you love to do 
  • Or, start something brand new
  • How do you feel like expressing yourself today?
  • Just begin….
Ok, so you might be thinking — Great, I am being creative right now. This was kind of fun. But so what, Now I need to get back to the real world and be serious again. Whoah, slow down. Creativity can be a part of our lives everyday. And it should be! Whether we are listening to our favorite music and dancing, creating mastery in the kitchen or sewing a quilt or halloween costume… this is all part of what feeds our soul and makes us feel whole and complete. 
We need to care for all of us daily, if possible. We all need balance. Too much of anything is just that… too much! I love to go outside and enjoy a cup of hot coffee early in the morning and just relax and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature. This is tuning into God’s creativity, which inspires me. When I take down-time for me on a consistent basis, everything is better. And it feels like the rest of the world gets put on pause for a few moments. Give it a try.

— Diane

Open up to your creative juices. I’d love to schedule a FREE 15-minute creation session where we can connect and get your creativity flowing! I work virtually so that you are always in a place and time that is most comfortable and convenient  for you.