Sunday, April 17, 2016

Making $$ at Reiki Student to Professional practicum

Making $$$ by Energy Healing (reiki & others).   UPDATE1st class graduated 10 June

  So you got your practitioner’s certificate-what is next?
  How do you make the transition from student to professional?
  How do you turn a hobby into a small or large business?
  You’ve been giving Reiki away for free.  How do you start charging for it?
  You think you’ve got all the pieces, but how do you put them together?
  You want to increase your rep/ your credibility.

If any of these describe you, you will find the answers to these dilemmas and more in this new course  -practical, down to earth techniques that work.

This three class certificate course has everything you need to turn yourself polished professional you want to become.
The small class size (maximum 4) ensures that you get attention to detail needed.
Classes are approximately two hours each - 3 two hour classes or 2 three hour classes
Live in Columbus
Classes are taught by master mentor Connie Dohan and master teacher Kathryn Robinson

Lesson 1
You will learn:
- how to set the fee and collect it.
- the basic tools you need to set up an energy healing business.
- how to market yourself (Energy healing is a very different market niche - traditional marketing practices are not successful).
-location – which is best for you & why – brick and mortar store front, owned or rented  studio owned or rented, home based business
-the fine print –legal stuff
-how to get paying customers
-how to handle an unhappy client
-how to stand by your fee when others around you are giving discounts & running promotions and specials

Lesson 2
 You will learn:
-to do a reiki or energy treatment from start to finish on a massage table as well as a simple kitchen chair
-energy boosting techniques the professional energy healers use but don’t share or record anywhere.
- all the ins and outs, pros and cons of doing energy work in a home studio
-will practice on each other.
You will be given a Healer’s Log and shown how & why you should keep it.

Lesson 3
You will:
-go to a real studio and be shadowed by Connie or Kathryn as you do a complete half hour session on a real person you don’t know
-greet the client
-collect the fee
-complete a half hour session
-exit the client

Prerequisites – practitioner’s certificate in any healing modality
Date & time  7-9pm Tuesdays  May 17, 24,31 OR
                     9-noon May weekend  May 14,15
(If these dates don't work for you, contact Connie   to find out about other possible dates.)
Place - Columbus (Dublin) Ohio
Materials –book "Tips and Techniques for Energy Healers"
        available at first class from Connie $25
Course cost $225
Total Cost
   3 session course with text $250 
Max  4 students (prepaid (cash or credit card to Connie or other wise arranged with Connie)


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Why drinking diet soda causes weight GAIN

Diet pop is the culprit in many people's weight management plan.
Drink diet pop causes weight gain in two ways - a double whammy.
How can this be?

#1 Factor:
The human body holds homeostasis (balance between acid and alkaline) at  7.1 -7.5.   
Anything under that range is called acidic. 
Anything over that range is called alkaline. 
When ever it goes over or under that range all body systems are forced into action to return it to the balanced range. 

So,if you ingest some above 7.5  (alkaline)your body pulls out all stops to produce acidic materials bring the pH down to the normal range.

If you ingest something acidic the body will immediately produce a buffer against the acid to protect the body and bring the range back up to normal.

You guessed it, diet soda is acidic.
So as soon as you drink it, your body starts producing fat as a buffer against the acidity to restore ph balance.
Look at the chart below and see where your favorite diet soda rings in at.

Regular soda is also acidic but not nearly so much as the diet sodas.

If you're looking to lose weight or maintain weight and feel like a soda, a regular pop would be less "fattening" in the long run than a diet soda. 

Factor #2
This applies to diet soda as well as to Lite foods - anything sweetened with artificial sweeteners such as Equal, Splenda, Spoonful.
Anything that has aspartame in it will throw a wrench in your weight management plans.
Why is this?
Normal body temperature is 98.7F
At 96.0F aspartame breaks down into wood alcohol.
Next in the chain, wood alcohol breaks down to formaldeyhyde  which will keep that fat right where it is-your hips!

Check your labels!


Monday, April 11, 2016

Use candles? You need this info!

 If you use candles for meditation or purification or cleansing of any kind you need to read this.

When you light the candle, it absorbs all the negative energy around it-which is why you use it.
Most people don't think about the end part of this.

When you blow the candle out, or snuff it out, the smoke rises and releases all the absorbed negative energy back into the air around it, making it worse than when you started.

If you're using candles, light and use them as usual but have a small bowl or shell nearby (maybe 6 to 12 inches away)  with water in it. Or you could use floating candles which float right on the water,.
Now when you extinguish the flame of the candle, the heavy negative energies will be drawn to the water and not released back into the room.

Carefully handling the vessel and the water within it so as not to come in contact with it, dump the water preferably outside into the earth or second choice would be to flush it down the toilet.   

Just one of the more obscure facts learned at our meet up recently  in Columbus Ohio click here

Psychic Protection

 PROTECTION for Light Workers 


I draw down the white light through my crown chakra, allowing it to fill every fiber, every cell, every molecule , every atom of my being - cleansing and purifying me from any and all things negative and sending them directly down to the mineral kingdom where they will be absorbed and purified.

I ground by sending  golden roots from the soles of my feet 
down deep into the Omega Chakra in the center of the earth where  Mother Earth and I become one.

I attune by accessing my Higher Power - God, Spirit, Universe,

And I ask in  the  attendance of my healing helpers-,Saints, Guides, Angels, Guardians, Ancestors and others.

I protect by stepping into a diamond egg where only  good can exit and good can enter.

I call it done
And say thanks. 

Done at a moderate pace this takes 1 minute/10 seconds.


Many of you are familiar with GAPS - Ground, Attune, Protect, Say thanks.This method we used to protect ourselves psychically We have used this method of preparing ourselves for healing and spiritual/psychic work for over a .decade now since I first introduced it.

There is a  a major flaw in this system & been a new method has been channeled which is to be put in place immediately.

Under the old GAPS, we approached a situation and then grounded and sealed ourselves.  There's one of the faulty parts of the system. We are beginning from a place of current state of mind and sealing any negativity we presently have right inside with us.  We need to cleanse first and then proceed.

As well, with all the changes going on, it is no longer adequate to ground to the Root Chakra (6" below the earth).
We must now ground to the Omega Chakra at the center of the earth.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Reiki[, Herbs, Traditional Medication & Surgery

I write this because I am bothered by a super  duper common cold -uncommon for me  as a get a single cold every 2-3 years.   I choose to  take an over the counter medication (sudafed).

I have made a medication error.

I am prompted by a vague thought from my years as a RN to read pill bottle label.   Sure enough,  the medicine was contra-indicated (shouldn't be taken) in my situation.

Although I have had Parkinsons Disease (PD) for over 34 years no one told me that almost every over the counter cold remedy was a no-no in my case.   IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW HAS  PD, PLEASE ASK THEM TO CHECK THE LABEL OF ANY OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATION BEFORE INGESTING IT. (This goes for any condition).

All this got me thinking  back on some "lively" discussions I've had on reconciling the use of traditional medication  and reiki/energy medicine herbs.

There is nothing gained by suffering silently (or not so silently) and playing the martyr experiencing pain or suffering in this 21st century.

God, Spirit, Universe made every thing - modern medication (which has it's roots in herbology),/ the reiki practitioner as well as a the  brain surgeon.  Choose from God's abundant supply house what ever resource works best in your situation and be prepared to switch as your situation may change.

Most of all, you are not "being disloyal" to or abandoning reiki/energy healing if you use traditional medication or doctors.  You are exercising common sense , even wisdom  to choose the method, or combination of methods that work  best for you to keep you well and shining your light in a very dark world.

One option If you absolutely must take a medication that doesn't agree with or your body can't tolerate/ rejects implants or surgical steel (plates for broken bones), I suggest one avenue would be to search out a Matrix Energy Healer.  Ask for the "harmonizing" /"balancing" frequency.  This will sort things out by putting in  place a frequency that makes the body and  the foreign body compatible.  (That's the simple explanation).

As always, this advice does not replace a traditional doctor's advice.
Be sure to keep your traditional doctor informed of any alternate therapies you are involved in.  As well. make sure that your caregiver of alternate medicine is aware of any traditional treatments you are under going.

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