Wednesday, March 25, 2015

You are Psychic

U R Psychic


If you think psychic ability is not real…
If you think its “woo-woo” or way out there….
If you think you aren’t psychic …
Or if you’d like to be more psychic,
this is the book for you.

Psychic ability is as real as hunger, joy, sadness or any of the other “invisible vibes” which emanate from the human body.

In reality, psychic ability in humans is the direct result of the proper functioning of two body parts – one gland and one organ. They are perhaps the most underdeveloped, underused parts of the human anatomy.
When these two parts function in a normal and healthy fashion, psychic ability flows, one can hear one’s inner voice and one is confident of one’ s connection to Universe and the Divine.
When in a state of dysfunction, the body is unable to connect with their psychic abilities or is partially blocked

Have you been able to identify which body parts I have been referring to?

They are the pineal gland and the brain (right lobe).  Read on!


CHAPTER 1  The Anatomy of Psychic Ability

Pineal Gland
Let's start of the beginning. 
The pineal gland is also called “The Eye of Horus”, “Thre Seat of the Soul”, “The Third Eye”, “The Brow Chakra”.
It is a small pine cone shaped gland about the size of a pea located deep with the brain between the right and left hemispheres and attached to the third ventricle.  Interestingly, its composition is that of rods and cones just like the physical eye.

The pineal gland is your spiritual vision apparatus, your bridge between the physical and metaphysical worlds. It produces the substances that allow you to have mystical and lucid dream experiences that are essential to your spiritual evolution. Dreams, intuition and such are messages from the Soul, and the pineal gland is the antenna designed to receive them.  If you are not getting messages or your messages are muddled, perhaps your pineal gland is not active
In an ideal situation, the pineal gland produces a number substances. Including:
Melatonin which regulates our waking and sleeping.
Seratonin which affects mood
DMT (dimethyltrityline )– the only known natural hallucinogen.  This substance is responsible for lucid dreams and psychic abilities.

So, when the pineal gland is not functioning optimally, we will experience erratic sleep patterns and decreased intuitive/psychic ability, feel disconnected from Source, be unable to meditate   Sound familiar?
In North America, most people’s pineal gland is totally calcified and shut down by the age of twelve.  That is why children are much more psychic/intuitive than adults.  It also explains why you may have felt that you “shut down” in your early teen years/  It also explains why “it” is not coming back no matter how many books you read, how much money you spend or how many hours you sit in lotus position trying to meditate.


The pineal gland absorbs all the fluoride we ingest – food, water, tooth paste.  The fluoride collects along the inside walls of the pineal gland causing it to harden & calcify.
So, we must begin by decalcifying the pineal gland in order to receive and interpret spiritual messages again.

Some practical ways to de-calcify your pineal gland:
1.         Eat as natural a diet is possible.  (Raw is recommended but realistically this is impossible for most of us to maintain).  Incorporate chorella, and herbs such as parsley into your meals as these foods contain the enzymes that de-calcify your pineal gland.
2.         Remove fluoride from your diet as this is the substance that coats the walls of the pineal gland causing it to calicfy.
Drink filtered water and switch to a toothpaste without fluoride in it.
3.         Sleep!  Ideally one should rise when the sun rises and sleep when the sun sets - like our ancestors did before the advent of the electric light bulb.  Realistically, following the sun is not practical as far as our sleep patterns are concerned in this generation.  However if you get into a regular pattern balancing your waking hours and your sleeping hours, this will help facilitate the production and regulation of melatonin from the pineal gland.
4.         Sun gazing is another must for stimulating the pineal gland.  In the very early morning hours immediately following the dawn just close your eyes and lift your head skyward.  Do this outside so that your face can soak up the sun and the vitamin D.  Do without sunglasses but be sure to do it only in the early morning hours not when the sun is hot or high.
5.         Take iodine supplements.  Iodine is found in seaweed and naturally stimulates the pineal gland.
·                   Use blue gem stones such as sapphire, lapis , soldalite.  Gently press them into your third eye area or place them on you r brow when lying down.
6.         Gently rub/massage the brow area
7.         Fluoride is also absorbed through the skin- important to know if your water is fluoridated and you take long showers.  In this case you could put filter in place.
8.         Saunas or sweat lodges are a good way to purge/cleanse.

Closing Thought:
The third eye, the way of insight and power, should more properly be called “the first eye”.  This is the place a power where we hear the universe -- a place of oneness. Our physical eyes represent a place of duality where we are separated from our inner wisdom and cannot hear the voice of god.

The Brain (Right Side)

The human brain has 2 lobes/hemispheres – the right and the left. The left side houses our logic while the right side houses our intuition.
We come into this world a blank canvas but almost immediately are assailed with tasks to develop the logical left thinking side of the brain – printing, spelling, math, science.
From very early on we are taught to think through a dilemma – not be quiet & receive our inner wisdom or angelic guidance
At school we get pages & pages of math home work but not art home work, poetry home work etc.
So, we exercise & develop the left side of our brain and for the most part on most days function well in a logical world – making correct change when shopping etc
But with no right side brain training or exercise we expect to be able to access our intuition.
There is another way have un-intentionally blocked our third eye & that is by assaulting it with the “wrong” frequencies.  Think about.  In pioneer days, there were no GPSs, computers, televisions, radios yet our ancestors were able to travel across the miles relying on their ability among other things to tune into the signs of nature.  It was not uncommon to have at a member of the family just know that many miles away, cousin Grace had gone into early labor, uncle Fred had died, sons had died in war etc.   They were able to “tune into a frequency” that we have drowned with modern electronic devices & gizmos & can no longer hear.

Let’s look at some fun short right brain exercises to kick the right brain (and your intuition) into action.
So now to strengthening the right brain!.  This will not cause you to have visions & sudden telepathy or psychic ability but it will prepare you so these things can happen.
The most important thing you can do to strengthen your right hand side of your brain  & your  intuition is to regularly, daily, do something, do anything creative.  Write a book, write a poem, just doodle.    Join a choir or just sing the shower, arrange flowers, macramé, take pictures . It is such a simple yet important thing.  Just pick something & DO IT

One way of “over riding” the left brain  and making the right side kick in is by use of optical illusions –books are available the  library or you can  google  “optical illusion”
You will get examples of unending spiral stair cases etc.
How many cats?
                   Face in Harp

Here are some simple things you can do.  You may already be doing some of them not realizing that they are good for you.
1.  Make changes to your day and your routines.  The logical left hand side of the brain does not understand this and is at a loss has how to process this.
2.  When the phone rings - without checking caller id - who is it?
3   When #1 becomes easy ....who is it and what color shirt are they wearing?
Here are some simple things you can do.  You may already be doing some of them not realizing that they are good for you.
1.  Make changes to your day and your routines.  The logical left hand side of the brain does not understand this and is at a loss has how to process this.
2.  When the phone rings - without checking caller id - who is it?
3   When #1 becomes easy ....who is it and what color shirt are they wearing?
4  At ATMs, McDonalds or super market, pick what will be the fastest check out line and go through it.  This may not necessarily be the shortest line as the cashier may run out of tape, have a difficult customer or just be chatty.
5.  Stand at a bank of elevators and figure out which one will come first.  If you‘re wrong, take the stairs.
6.  Have a friend put  change adding up to $1 in his or her pocket and you say how it's made up - dimes, pennies etc.
7.   Get a regular deck of playing cards and with the faces of the cards down (hidden), sense whether the top card is red or black. This can be a two step process. You may wish first to sort the cards into piles by colors (one red, one black), turn them face down and run your hands or eyes over in order to pick up any differences between the tw0000000o piles / colors.  Secondly, shuffle the two piles together, spread them out face down and sense a card - whether red or black.  (Extract face cards and jokers as they are usually multi colored and can be confusing at first).
8.  When riding an elevator, if someone else gets on, guess which button they are going to press.
9.  Before starting your day, write a list of the people you will have significant contact with.  Clear your mind.  Don’t rely on logic.
10. Guess how many pieces of mail are in your mail box.  Then break it down to bills, ads, coupons, cards, personal letters.
11. Using a piece of chalk, mark the twelve o’clock position on your car or truck tire.  When you arrive at your destination, guess what position the mark is in before getting out of your vehicle

Chapter 2   The Sharing of Psychic Ability

Now that I've got it - what do I do with it?
The most common question is: "What happens next?"  Most people will start to get small flashes of information, often about other people physically close to them in a room or people that are in their circle.  Common questions are:
"How do I know it's real?" or, "Do I keep it to myself or do I tell them?" The easiest way to get the answer to these questions is to "put out a fleece" (Judges 6:36-40).
Simply say "If this is real, then I need a sign."  The sign should be something small but distinct - like a bird will fly by my window or the phone will ring in the next two minutes, or the person involved will sneeze, clean their glasses, or scratch their ankle. If your sign comes true, be bold and share the knowledge. A good way to start might be "Is it possible that ...." After following through on your first few experiences, you will become much more comfortable and it will become second nature.
As well, be on the alert for unconscious signs of “incoming messages”.  Some people cock their head slightly, rub palms together, twist their hair, stroke their beard or make some other physical gesture as they are receiving.  See if your body has a signal that it is “receiving information.”
A way to access your intuition “on demand” takes just a wee bit of practice.  Notice when you are being intuitive – when those random thoughts are going through your mind.  Squeeze one hand with the other.  This will create an association response so that you can learn how to access your intuition by squeezing your hand.
The more often you practice your intuition, the stronger it will become & the more confident you will become.  You were meant to bless yourself and others so let it flow!


Chapter 3   The Language of Psychic Ability

It is time to learn how you PERCEIVE.  There is no right or wrong way to know the answers.  Some people will see flashes or pictures, others will say they hear a voice giving the answer.  Others just "know" while others sense a tingling or buzzing.  (Some even associate the answers with a smell).  Often a thing just seems dark, light, hot, cold, fast, slow.

The four most common ways of perceiving are:
Clairvoyance – seeing.
Clairaudience – hearing [i]
Claircognizance – knowing
Clairessentiant - feeling.
Less commonly there is perception by taste or smell.
You may perceive in one or a combination of the “clairs”.

It is important to know how you perceive as this is the foundation of YOUR “psychic language”.

If your day is made up of “Sees” you are probably clairvoyant – Clear seeing.  You will interact with others with phrases like:  “you’ll never guess what I saw!”or “Did you see that?”  or “Let’s take a look.” or “Look at this!”

If you are clair audient your day will be “Now, listen here”  “you’ll never guess what I heard” or “Did you hear about the fire?” “No one listens to a word I say”.

Clair essentiants will recognize their day as “I didn’t feel it appropriate.” “Did you feel that cold north wind?” “I don’t know how I feel about that.”  “How do you feel about sharing a booth?”.

Clair cognizant will interact in ways such as  “I never knew that!” “Did you know…?”  “What do you think about sharing a booth.”

Describing a scene can also help you determine your clair.  Taking a simple beach scene, let’s follow how each “clair” might describe the very same picture.

The golden sun reflected off the aqua water and the black lava sand was dotted with brightly colored beach umbrellas.

Clair audience:
The crash of the breakers roared in my ears and the sound of children’s laughter filled the air.

Clair essentience:
I felt the hot sun beating down on my head as the wet sand playfully oozed between my toes.

Clair cognizance
The scene reminded me of something out of a comic book.   or it made me pause to think of days gone by.

So which “clair” are you?  Many people operate in more than one clair but find that one clair is stronger than the others.

Chapter 4   Recognizing Your Psychic Ability

Learning any new language takes time.  The more you practice, the less time it takes.
Have on hand some bills of different denominations.  Put your empty palms together.  Be still and just notice what you notice. What do you perceive about the space between your palms?
Now sandwich a one dollar bill between your palms. Now, be still and just notice what you notice. What do you now perceive about the space between your palms?  How is it different than when the space was empty?
Repeat with a five and a ten dollar bill.  You will discover that your clair  told you something different about each bill.  Your intuition was trying to communicate with you. The bills were always sending out the same vibrations but you did not receive the communication.
Off the start the easiest way to operate in the psychic realm is to determine your clair’s response to the words “yes” and “no”..Your hands may become hot for a “yes” answer and cold for a “no” answer.  Or you may hear different levels of static, or see a color or sense a heaviness or just know.  You now have the first two words in YOUR psychic language.  Use them to find more.

Slow down, sense the vibe from a person across from you.  Oh, that’s something different.  Now ask your clairs what you are sensing?   Grief? –yes, mother? No. Pet –yes.   Cat? Yes. You can gently confirm by asking the client if they have any pets..Yes & one just passed.
So you now have another phrase in your psychic language..grief over a passed cat is communicated to me  by prickles across my left palm for example whereas grieving over a passed dog is the same prickle but it runs up and down the left thumb.

Every person, thing, pet disease, situation has an energy signature, pattern.  Being psychic is simply recognizing those energy signals and responding to them.

Chapter 5  The Props of Psychic Ability

Most commonly, one associates a psychic reading  with Cards (tarot, angel, oracle),Balls (crystal, gazing),Pendulum, Runes  or  the like.

These are simply another avenue to allow your CLAIRS to communicate.
I can’t go up to the client and put my ear on a client’s stomach and comment that she has been somewhat gaseous lately.  But, I could draw the Doreen Virtue gastrointestinal health card and suggested she eat diet easier on her digestion.
While it would be equally as inappropriate for me to ask the client the amount of money they make or to open their wallet, I could draw the two of pentacles and know that they’ve been doing a balancing act with money and things are rather tight right now. 
In many cases, the reader does not need it the props.  They are simply there for the comfort of the client.
Having said that, let’s investigate the language of some of these props.
The idea is to find a prop that resonates with you. Learn it’s language and make it yours.

If you are drawn to cards, for example, but don’t like the tarot, test out more of the many options before deciding – angel, gemstone, goddess, fairy, ascended master, animal power cards.
Similarly if you are drawn to runes, get the ones that resonate most with you.  They can be found made out of almost any type of wood, ceramic, even mirror tile. You might also want to consider rune dice or rune cards instead of or in addition to your basic choice.

Like wise pendulums and crystal balls have great variation in size, and crystal make up.  Search until you have found just the right one.
No matter what prop you are using, ALWAYS use a reader’s cloth.  This protects the prop form receiving any negative energy from t he surface they are laid on and makes for a purer reading.

A quick easy system for Tarot, Runes, Pendulum can be found in my book “Quick Tarot, Pendulum, Runes” available through the RAA bookstore.  My ebook “Crystal Balls Made Easy “can also be found there.  click here