Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's easier than you thought to write a book and get it out there.


an excerpt from the Reiki Awakening Academy newsletter 21 April 2015
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Do you have a book in you?

Connie has written 13 books! Talk about prolific! Talk about an expert! You're talking about Connie!

People often think that it's expensive to write a book, or that it's hard to get a book published. And, if you do write a book, it's hard to promote.
None of these is true. 

Connie has decided to share what she's learned in her journey of self-publishing, and is offering RAA students this informative free class called How to Write a Book and Get it Out There. 

In the class, she'll explain all the steps you need to write and publish your book and get it automatically listed on Amazon without cost. She'll tell you how to make sure it's commercial-ready, and why writing it is an important step in promoting your business, products, or practice. You'll learn from an expert.

And, because Connie has just published her 13th book, Advanced Auras and Chakras: Keeping it Simple, you'll also get to hear her share some excerpts from it.

To make the class even more awesome, Connie has said that all participants will receive a discount code for her new book AND the first six people (or maybe more, if you know Connie!) who arrive will receive a free reading based on Connie’s intuitive viewing of their chakra system.
AND we will raffle off a copy of her book for one lucky person in attendance!
There will be additional surprises and freebies too - yes, it's a class and a book launch party all in one!

Yay, RAA! We're celebrating Spring!

The class will be on Tuesday, May 5th at 7 pm EST. Register soon to save your spot.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Candle Alert

Candle alert-if you use candles for meditation or purification or cleansing of any kind you need to read this.

When you light the candle, it absorbs all the negative energy around it-which is why you use it.
Most people don't think about the end part of this.

When you blow the candle out, or snuff it out, the smoke rises and releases all the absorbed negative energy back into the air around it, making it worse than when you started.
If you're using candles, light and use them as usual but have a small bowl or shell nearby (maybe 6 to 12 inches away)  with water in it. Or you could use floating candles which float right on the water,.
Now when you extinguish the flame of the candle, the heavy negative energies will be drawn to the water and not released back into the room.
Carefully handling the vessel and the water within it so as not to come in contact with it, dump the water preferably outside into the earth or second choice would be to flush it down the toilet.   

Just one of the more obscure facts learned at our meet up recently  in Columbus Ohio this past evening.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Some of the best kept secrets live & remote out of Columbus Ohio


Connie Dohan
614 989 4550
teacher, mentor, energy healer, metaphysician, crystal master
aura/chakra master, angel intuit, seer, psychic, author.

Power Reiki (Connie Dohan, Power Reiki Master)
Practical Reiki (Connie Dohan, practical Reiki Master)
Healing with the Rays (Connie Dohan, Rays Master)
Quantum Touch (Connie Dohan, instructor level)
Chios Healing (Connie Dohan, Chios Certified Master Teacher) Developing Your Intuition
Rapid Reading Rune
Rapid Reading Tarot
Rapid Reading Oracle & Angel Cards
Scrying Crystals
Handwriting Analysis
Sound in Healing
The Energetic Body
Amazing Aura
Complete Chakra
Selling It
business for metaphysicians & energy workers
Guides, Angels & Ancestors
Past Lives Series
Crystals in Healing
Energetic Cleansing & Protecting

(more available –if you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask)
All classes available group or private on demand.

Each class is eligible for a certificate of completion from Reiki Awakening Academy and may be applied to the Holistic Studies Program certificate there.(Electronic copies- $5, hard copies $12 mailed within the USA -1.) (Certificates must be requested no later than eight weeks after finishing class). 

Intuitive / Psychic
High Perception Viewing of the Aura

                       Oracle Cards

                       Angel Cards
                        or let Conni
e decide


Individualized Advanced 1 on 1 or small group theory & practice.

Special Services:
Aura Camera
Aura & Chakra Imaging


Available on Amazon

 (key words Connie Dohan)

Energy Sessions:
SRT (Spirit Releasement Therapy)
Quantum Touch
Matrix Healing

                      Reiki (many modalities)
                      Aura/Chakra Balancing
                      leShan Method
                       or let Connie decide

My Websites: 
AmidAngels.com, AllAurasandChakras.com, Dohans.com, AmidAngels.blogspot.com, RaaColumbusOh.blogspot.com


Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Happenings + Astral Travel

April holds many new things for the Light Seeker

Energy healing and classes on topics of your choosing always available on demand.  Just ask.  Connie 614 989 4550 or email

Check these out!

Live OnLine
Power Rieki  1 and 2                          

Wednesday 15 April
info and sign up click here

It's In The Cards
Thursday 16 April
info and sign up click here 

High Perception Viewing of the Aura
Wednesday 22 April
info and sign up click here

Little Hands Reiki
Wednesday 22 April
info and sign up click here 

Live in Columbus
Psychic Development
Tuesday 14 April 7-9pm
info and sign up click here 

 Saturday Sizzler
Saturday 25 April 8:30- 1pm
$25Aura camera and energy healing
info and appts click here 

Quantum Touch: The Power to Heal  
Tuesday 28 April  7-9pm
info and registration click here 

Always Available Recorded Independent Study

 Click here  
Abundance Generators - the basic class
Abundance Generators - the whole program
Chios level I
Create your own Reiki attunements
Intuitive development
Power Reiki level I
Practical Reiki
Stone reading made simple
New aura -rapid learning
Who are you and why have you become so strange?
Yes YOU can do mediumship

You asked for it....
Astral Travel:

A simple, uncluttered, straight forward approach is offered in this FREE down load from Steve Barrett, founder of Chios
click here

I'll be there .. hope to see you there too!

Monday, April 6, 2015


Get your autographed copy + $5 off.
Shipping starting 15 April.

 This book replaces the book "You Are Energy", now out of print.  In this new book, Connie presents advanced, cutting edge concepts and information, using her no frills style.  This approach makes bold new information understandable by both novice and experienced practitioners.  Chakras are covered in depth, including inbody, out of body, front and rear, rate and direction of spin, and little known facts.  The basic aura is presented and followed by accessing the aura and detecting disease in the aura.  This book is a "must have" in every energy healer's library.

SNEAK PEEK:Introduction
We live in a physical body and we have learned to recognize its signals, such as aches, pains, desires, etc. to us. We spend tens of thousands of dollars attempting to keep it young and fit. Mega industries have originated to supply beauty and youth products, and fitness companies work hard at helping us develop the “perfect” body.

But what about the other parts of the body – the parts that are more than “skin deep”?
Below the level of the physical body is the subtle body. In this body of auras and chakras is where all the action occurs. Here is where we become one with the universe. It is where we tap into the unlimited supply of universe-not only for health but also for joy, love, peace and abundance in all levels.

Most of us have long since lost contact with the subtle body and try to make life work by using the physical body alone. Even advanced medical practitioners frequently know little or nothing about the subtle body.

The subtle body is the powerhouse, the foundation, the eternal spring, and the place of continual flow. It is the place we have to be in order to communicate for abundance on all levels.

The subtle body, the home of the auras and the chakras, is vital to our health and abundance. Yet we know so little about this world. In past years, North American culture, or at least some of it,-has attempted to reconnect with age-old spirituality and alternative / complementary medicine. But the attempt has been feeble - grasping at straws and throwing together several partial systems that do not work well.

Here, in this book, I will present the anatomy of the aura and the chakras so that you can have all the information in one place, be able to understand it, and learn to use this knowledge to prosper on all levels.
ORDER YOURS NOW  (autographed copy plus $5 off)