Monday, April 11, 2016

Psychic Protection

 PROTECTION for Light Workers 


I draw down the white light through my crown chakra, allowing it to fill every fiber, every cell, every molecule , every atom of my being - cleansing and purifying me from any and all things negative and sending them directly down to the mineral kingdom where they will be absorbed and purified.

I ground by sending  golden roots from the soles of my feet 
down deep into the Omega Chakra in the center of the earth where  Mother Earth and I become one.

I attune by accessing my Higher Power - God, Spirit, Universe,

And I ask in  the  attendance of my healing helpers-,Saints, Guides, Angels, Guardians, Ancestors and others.

I protect by stepping into a diamond egg where only  good can exit and good can enter.

I call it done
And say thanks. 

Done at a moderate pace this takes 1 minute/10 seconds.


Many of you are familiar with GAPS - Ground, Attune, Protect, Say thanks.This method we used to protect ourselves psychically We have used this method of preparing ourselves for healing and spiritual/psychic work for over a .decade now since I first introduced it.

There is a  a major flaw in this system & been a new method has been channeled which is to be put in place immediately.

Under the old GAPS, we approached a situation and then grounded and sealed ourselves.  There's one of the faulty parts of the system. We are beginning from a place of current state of mind and sealing any negativity we presently have right inside with us.  We need to cleanse first and then proceed.

As well, with all the changes going on, it is no longer adequate to ground to the Root Chakra (6" below the earth).
We must now ground to the Omega Chakra at the center of the earth.


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