Thursday, April 14, 2016

Why drinking diet soda causes weight GAIN

Diet pop is the culprit in many people's weight management plan.
Drink diet pop causes weight gain in two ways - a double whammy.
How can this be?

#1 Factor:
The human body holds homeostasis (balance between acid and alkaline) at  7.1 -7.5.   
Anything under that range is called acidic. 
Anything over that range is called alkaline. 
When ever it goes over or under that range all body systems are forced into action to return it to the balanced range. 

So,if you ingest some above 7.5  (alkaline)your body pulls out all stops to produce acidic materials bring the pH down to the normal range.

If you ingest something acidic the body will immediately produce a buffer against the acid to protect the body and bring the range back up to normal.

You guessed it, diet soda is acidic.
So as soon as you drink it, your body starts producing fat as a buffer against the acidity to restore ph balance.
Look at the chart below and see where your favorite diet soda rings in at.

Regular soda is also acidic but not nearly so much as the diet sodas.

If you're looking to lose weight or maintain weight and feel like a soda, a regular pop would be less "fattening" in the long run than a diet soda. 

Factor #2
This applies to diet soda as well as to Lite foods - anything sweetened with artificial sweeteners such as Equal, Splenda, Spoonful.
Anything that has aspartame in it will throw a wrench in your weight management plans.
Why is this?
Normal body temperature is 98.7F
At 96.0F aspartame breaks down into wood alcohol.
Next in the chain, wood alcohol breaks down to formaldeyhyde  which will keep that fat right where it is-your hips!

Check your labels!


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