Tuesday, June 27, 2017

More optical illusions to up up your psychic ability.

Yesterday's answers
Look at the white only & you will see a goblet,
Look  at the black only & you will see 2 faces.
Look at the white only & you will see 2 goblets and 1 urn,
Look  at the black only & you will see 2 profiles -waist to head

Monday, June 26, 2017

Friday, June 23, 2017

Do You See What I See? Increase your Psychic Ability

Increase your intuitive/psychic abilities.

The left side of the brain houses logic while the right side of the right side of the brain houses creativity and intuition.

Developing the right side of the brain will increase your psychic ability.

One of the easiest way to do this can be fun too.

Solving just a few optical illusions daily will strengthen your right brain. 

Let's try!

(Answers tomorrow)

How many cats?

What do you see? 

Monday, June 12, 2017

what's happening in June

Happenings in June
June 13        Summer Solstice then & now
June 14        Crystal Club
June 17        Runes Club
June 20        Angel Tarot Club
June 21        Rites of the Munay-ki

FREE      on line card readings      click for info  
FREE      Reiki Circle June 18        click for info
FREE      Daily card draw for the day  (crystals) 
                     right  here starting tomorrow -come                          check it out!

Wednesday 21 June -Summer Solstice - we will pass the 9 Rites of the Munay-ki to a maximum of 6 people.
If you don't feel the power in your business or personal life or if you feel lost or confused on your quest to find your life's calling , you need to receive these 9 rites (9 transfers of energy).  They will give you clarity & direction as well as the power and protection to see it  through to the end.
More info at  .Munay-ki.org
Register by shooting me an email with munay in the subject line amidangels@gmail.com

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Ending

Another year has passed & the doors are now closed.

I hope you will shine in the coming year and join with me in 2018.

 If you made a request  or I promised you something  and it has not been done or received please contact me.  My books are done indicating no loose ends.

If I can be of assistance to any of you in your 2017 walk,
remember I specialize in helping people discover their soul's
purpose  & get them walking in clarity on that path.

I can usually do  it with you in 10 free minutes  on the  phone.If we need a few more minutes that's  cool. (I have yet to charge a one for this time of getting clarity & direction.) 

 Just take in to consider that I am in Ohio time zone before  calling,614 989 4550  or
email AmidAngels@gmail \.com