Thursday, November 9, 2017

Take my challenge - Walmart,Target. Kroegers, Meijers, Trader Joes, Home Depot,Loews - Bettcha can't do it!!

It's simple but I bet you can't do it!!!!!!

I challenge each store manager to spend the first 20 minutes of your shift by taking one of the motorized carts that you provide & starting at one corner of your store, go methodically  up and down each and every row until you reach the other corner - without circling around or bumping into anything.

Do it yourself - do not assign this task to a clerk.

Those of you who actually did it did you make out?  Despite what store policy may be, how many obstacles did you encounter?

I hope you will have gained a new understanding and will implement anything you may have learned into future display set-ups. I also challenge you to repeat this once a month (that's only 12 times per year) to see that the instructions you are giving out are actually being followed out at the floor level.

Do it now before the big influx of holiday displays & merchandise!

Simple huh?

Monday, November 6, 2017

Living with a Chronic Degenerative Disease

(Parkinson’s Disease)

I have had advanced Parkinson’s Disease (PD) for almost forty years now.  It came into my life uninvited and unannounced when I was in my twenties. It has remained an obnoxious and unwanted visitor ever since.

I have never considered myself “disabled”.  I have seen the rest of the world as having many shortfalls.

I have never seen myself as inadequate or not “up to speed”.  I have often thought of the world as being inadequate for being unable to keep up with my expectations.

When the symptoms of PD rise up and threaten to consume me, I am ever so grateful that PD has many things associated with it but pain is not one of them.  As well, I am thankful that I was born into a place and time where medical technology can ease the symptoms and that I have been placed in an affluent country and abundant life style so as to be able to partake of every opportunity.

I experience valleys and dark places but at those times am thankful for because of them, I can appreciate the mountain tops and know what a privilege it is to live and walk in Light.

I partake of and experience life much more deeply than the rest of the world.  I inhale deeply and with each breath I draw in the nectar/essence of life.

There is never a holiday.  PD is always there.
My two “aces in the hole”
1. I am not afraid of today or tomorrow because I have seen yesterday.
2. When the darkness pushes in, I let it push open the Door of Grace and  I step across the threshold to angels and the way of heaven.  I “kick off my shoes” and stay a while.

When I fall or need a wheel chair, I do not see this a problem ambulating but as being closer to being on my knees - the gateway to God, Grace and Miracles.

When you look at me what do you see?
Do you see a decrepit disintegrating shell?
Or do you see what is really here?
I am a fiery ball of god light.
I am sacred.
I am holy.
I am powerful.
I walk with angels.
I am known by The One Who is Un-nameable” and the “One Who Is Known by a Thousand Names.
I call The Great I Am  “friend”

Connie Dohan

06 Nov 2017

Friday, November 3, 2017

This stone is a product of the Elbie River in Brazil.  It is a tumbled chunk of quartz which has a frosty/powdery outside and a polished clear window side.
It is commonly found in four colors:
Light pink - rose quartz
Light grey – smoky quartz
Clear – clear quartz
Lilac -amethyst

Using stone is easy and the results can be profound.
Simply gaze into the window side of the stone, taking mental note of any apparent flaws or things that stand out.  (You may have to hold it up to a light or the sun for a good view.)

Now you (or a friend) hold the stone in the fist for 15-20 minutes.  Now examine the stone again.  The energy of the person who held the stone will have caused changes within the stone -what originally just looked like fissures in the rock could now look like letters of the alphabet, animals etc.  Everyone’s energy is different is will affect the stone in its own unique way.

Another way to use the stone is to put it under your pillow and it will be transformed by the energy of your dreams.


Seer Stone -free shipping  $7
random choice of stone in pouch with 
double sided 8.5" x 11" fact & how to do sheet .

Saturday, October 28, 2017

So, what is an attunement anyway?

WHAT IS AN ATTUNEMENT Anyway??  Connie Dohan
In simplest terms, an attunement i s the process of a person with a certain type of energy passing that energy to a person who does not have that energy.
The sending/transmitting of the attunement usually lasts anywhere from a few minute up to 15 minutes.  The receiving is instantaneous but the side effects can last a few days.

Attunements can be done live or remotely queued or remotely in time when the two people cannot meet in person.  In person you will usually find they can involve a light touch but can be hands off.  Sometimes a gentle blowing is involved.

What to expect
The sender will advise the receiver of any preparation necessary.  Usually, this is simply to be well rested and to have a certain stance (sitting, standing, the eyes opened or closed, hand position etc)
The sender will then transmit the energy in the manner prescribed for that particular attunement.

The recipient will receive the energy in the manner directed by the sender.  This may happen right away or could have a delayed effect of up to 48 hours, or even happen gradually over a few days.
Everyone receives energy differently.
The recipient may feel a sensation of heat going through the body or a part of it.  Or, they may have a prickly feeling.  A few other sensations might be:
-        hearing a static or crackling noise
-        Sensing of hot or cold
-        Sensation of light pressure
-        Sensation of a gentle breeze
-        Seeing multicolors or a single vivid color
-        (Many people who dream in and black and white often report dreaming in color after an attunement).
Rarely recipients report mild side effects-most commonly a mild head ache.  In this case, the sender should be contacted.  The sender should be well experienced and will offer a few simple remedies.  These usually entail drinking lots of water to flush the system as well as grounding exercises.

Attunements work on many levels and with higher powers. Most people think of attunements as connected with healing modalities such as Reiki, Chios and the like.  However there are numerous other attunements that stand alone such as angel attunements. chakra attunements, intuition attunements and more.
No matter the type of at tenement, the objective is two-fold.
Firstly, it is so that the recipient can attune to the energy and use it appropriately. 
Secondly, it is so the recipient can pass it on to others.  (The recipient should expect to receive a manual for that particular attunement which includes clear instructions on how to pass it on as well as FAQs about that attunement.)

Can an attunement fail?
It is important to know that the attunement process fails if the recipient just receives the energy.  The recipient should learn to be a clear channel/vessel through which this energy flows.  As well, it should most importantly deepen recipient’s connection to the Divine.  So many times people see the gift (new energy) don't see the giver (the Divine).

A final thought
Attunements are great for your personal development.  As well, they are ideal to incorporate into any business.  They
- are always in stock
- don’t take up any storage space
-never need dusting
-have no stale/use by date

-never go out of vogue.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sell the goat!

Image result for confused goat

During my life as an energy healer, I have had clients & situations quite outside the book.  I have done a psychic reading for a cat, distance healing for a snake, live energy sessions for a lizard.

I remember one particular client who made an appointment with me only after ensuring that I used many modalities beyond reiki- sound, color, crystals etc. 

In preparation for her arrival, I went about cleansing the room, setting up crystal grids, choosing chakra balancing music and just in general preparing for a very intense session that the client had indicated she would need.

The client presented exhausted and weepy, with a history of seeing multiple energy healers with no results.  She said I was her last resort.
She got up on the massage table and as I began a body scan for what I expected to be a very intense session.  I intuited the statement “Sell the goat”, It repeated itself “Sell the goat” I make it a point of following my intuition/inner voice but this was seriously weird. However, I summoned up my courage and stopped less than five minutes into the session and I said: “Sell the goat”.

To my great relief, she popped up off the table crying and said “I’ve been to over 20 healers and have spent massive amounts of time and money with no relief. But you hit the problem on the head.  I run a small market farm and I’m just exhausted and selling the goat will ease my load and make my workload manageable.”  She thanked me profusely and paid the full one-hour session fee ($70) for ten minutes and went forward to “Sell the goat”.

Take a leap of faith and heed your intuition, your inner knowing, your gut will.  It will never fail you

Friday, October 20, 2017

Have You Had Your Glass of Reiki today?

My question for you is “Have you had your glass of reiki today?”

That is right!  You and your clients have experienced the benefits of reiki from your hands/your intent- from the “out-side in”.  Think about the possibilities if you could experience the power of reiki from the “inside out”.  Imagine reiki surging through every vein and corpuscle of your being!

For an incredible experience for yourself (or your pet), take your well-being up a notch by “drinking your” reiki.   (Done daily it is a great stress buster – keep anxiety under control.)

So how is “reiki water” made?  There is nothing to purchase.  You already have all the equipment you need.  You can use this “equipment” anytime, anywhere.

In order infuse your water with reiki (to “super charge” it), simply hold the glass between your palms and do one of the following (none of which should take more than 30 seconds):
-simply intend reiki
-run the reiki energy palm to palm through the glass
-say out loud (or whisper) “reiki super charge”.

Now enjoy your water.  Note: some people report that reiki infused water tastes “purer” or slightly sweet.

Some people like to supercharge large amounts of water with Practical Reiki -enough for a week’s worth of drinking or drinking and washing.  All that is really needed is to gather together all the bottles of water or large jugs of water and apply one of the above techniques.
Some people report that when preparing water weeks or months in advance that it “stays fresher” if there is a Practical Reiki symbol (picture on front of the book) placed under or near the container.

Expand your thinking.  Think outside the box.  Fill your tub with nice warm water & instead of bubbles – infuse it with reiki!  Got a cranky pet?  Try infusing its bath or drinking water with reiki!!

Bring on the power of Reiki!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Deepavali 2017


Peace, Joy, Prosperity, Health in Abundance to you and yours!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Fun Metaphysical Things To Do on a Budget

Learning Opportunities & Fun Stuff

$10 and under     (some free)  Columbus Ohio or live video conference

Make a Despachio (sacred Shaman prayer bundle)               $6

Psychic 101 beginner class               (live only)                    $10

Find, Hone, Jumpstart YOUR Intuition                      $6

Past Lives – Bridge to the Future                                      $6       

Free Angel card readings:                                                 free
Wednesdays 6-6:30pm eastern 
Link found    click here

Reiki Circle (on line)                                                         free

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

FREE - 6 Guided Meditations for Energy Workers

WOW!       It doesn't get better than free!!
6 free guided meditations for energy workers!!

Chakra Cleanse
Chakra Balance
Your Sacred Space
Your Master Guide
Hall of Records and Akashic Record Guide

Be blessed and enjoy

Thursday, October 5, 2017



Crystal Arc

Crystals are as old as the earth. 
The ancients were crystal savvy and used them for health, protection and a myriad of applications we in the “enlightened” age can’t even begin to contemplate.

In fact, the majority of North Americans practice crystal healing/therapy daily and don’t even know it.  Why do women, on an average, live longer than men?  One reason is that they wear so many crystals (jewellery) on a regular basis.

Old uses of crystals are being brought back to our remembrance.  This one I call the Crystal Arc was a “DUH” moment for me.  With everything I knew about crystals (I am a Certified Crystal Healer) I hadn’t thought to put the crystal properties together this way.
For this you need the following.  Be sure to cleanse before use.
-one single terminated smoky quartz
This can be smooth or bumpy, simple or complex as long as there is a shaft with a pointy end.

-one piece -any size/shape of the crystal whose properties you are wishing to impart.  This can be anything but would most often be:
-selenite for cleansing
-rose quartz for unconditional love/self-acceptance
-kyanite for balance.
Place the smoky quartz in your receptor hand with the point facing away from palm and hold by clasping fingers around it.  (The receptor is your receiving hand – usually, the right if you are right if you’re right handed and the left if you’re left handed)
Place the other crystal of your choice in your other hand and hold by clasping fingers around it.
The smoky quartz will act like a magnet drawing the properties of the other crystal through the arm, across the shoulder and down the other arm.
Take a deep breath in and exhale.  Enjoy -usually for 15-30 minute
The Crystal Arc is an excellent personal technique.  It can also be built into crystal grid or healing session for extra oomph.  As well it can stand alone as a treatment in its own right depending on the need of the client.

Super Balls -another new Light Worker High Vibrational Healing Method

              Super Balls - new energy technique for Light Workers

As I said, the retreat had never a dull moment. Amidst the many powerful messages and channelings of the new wave of energy, this idea surfaced.

The group healing goes like this:
-      The healing group breaks itself up into 3 groupings – which could be considered as rows
-      Row One is a single person - the individual for which the healing is intended (or proxy)
-      Row Two is again a single person – “the Receiver” – the healing vessel that is used to collect the power and intentions for healing
-      Row Three is the healing group – the individuals which generate the healing energy
The Receiver begins by creating an energy ball in between his hands.
He changes the vibration of the ball by placing any or all of:
-his intention
-appropriate holy being (angel, ascended master etc)
-favorite healing modality (Practical Reiki, Power Reiki, Chios etc)
-sound (ohm, a lullaby)
-color (favorite, angel color, chakra color)
-when he intuits he is done, he passes the energy ball to the first healer in the row behind.
The first healer will add anything intuited to the ball and then pass the ball to the second healer.
The second healers adds as he intuits.  One at a time each member of the healing group intends intervention through their angel, ascended master, holy being, healing modality or whatever healing method they are led to use & then passes the ball to the healer next to them.

When the last healer makes his addition to the ball, the ball is passed back to the Receiver.

The Receiver then sends the mega energy ball in one huge blast to the recipient/proxy.

It is strong as done in individual practice but especially powerful as a group healing method.  It can be hands on or hands off as desired.
It is easy and is to do and as you are simply using the hand do the work, this little gem can be done anywhere, anytime without need for special equipment needed to be lugged or set up.
It is extremely simple requiring little explanation and can be performed by the novice as well as the seasoned healer.

Customize for your needs.  You will find the power blast amazing!                                                                                       Copyright 2017 Connie Dohan

Note that while physical healing is the most common use for this technique, it can be used for any other purpose  - such as prosperity, conception, job hunt.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Calling all Light Workers...October Freebies (Live or Teleconference)

Calling all Light Workers!

Free events in October!

No matter where you are in the world, you can join with like minded thinkers and make a difference in the world.

Live in Columbus Ohio or by teleconference.

Weds 04 October 7:30 pm Eastern
Shine Your Light Night
full info click here

Weds 11 October 7:30 pm Eastern
Pay Back the Universe
full info click here

See you there!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Light Workers


A Light Worker is simply one that is committed to raising their own vibration to the highest possible level.  Those around are attracted to the higher vibration and try to raise up to it.
The by-product of this higher vibration is powerful energy healing as well as communication with higher dimensional level beings -angels, guides and others who are in the  Light and work for our highest and best good.

LIGHT WORKER SHINING is a 4 certificate course dedicated to helping light workers shine their brightest.   It is packed full of pertinent cutting edge info about 4D and 5D.
It is full of tools and ways to ascend to 4D & 5D
No fluff but serious  in-depth tools  and source information
Are you:
curious ?
just now sensing the calling to something more?
feel like you’ve got a lot of pieces but don’t know how they  fit?
a seasoned Light Worker seeking to shine brighter?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, LIGHT WORKER SHINING is where you need to be!

Connie Dohan  614 989 4550


              (level 1 of Light Worker Shining)

4 part series directed to the
Complete novice as well as the
young healer needing to fill in the

Live or distant learning
1. Introduction to the energetic body and energy healing                         75
2. Introduction to Quantum Touch     100            3. Practical Reiki level one practitioner attunement & certificate 100               
4. Power Reiki master certificate- attunement and certificate 100                  
5. Tips and techniques for powerful healing      75
OPTIONS:  cash, paypal, credit card  (no refunds)
COST   individually as priced
         One time up front bundle       $375
         Two payments                    190  before 1st
3rd class             Materials: book pack available through instructor $50.00 or
                $14 each of 5

Connie Dohan  614 989 4550


              (level 2 of Light Worker Shining)

On the fast track & on a budget.
At your convenience – you pick the date & time.
 Methods of payment: cash, Paypal, credit card
Live or distant learning

9 Rites of the Munay-ki (Incan Rites of Passage)        $90
Practical Reiki Master***  3 levels with attunements    100ea
(initial one time 2 required texts $25 set)*****
Chios Healing Master ***3 levels with attunement     100ea
(initial one time-1 required text 0$19)
Ascension Class                                         25
Chakra Balance & Release                               50

Connie Dohan  614 989 4550

Spirit Releasement  (Live Learning)           80
Endings (distant learning)                        80
ChakraBalance                                 75
Marconics (gate way to 5D)                     75
Energetic Exam & healing 30 mins           75
(cords, subtle body, Super Rainbow attunement)

Connie Dohan   amidangels@gmail,com   614 989 4550


Attunements & Distant Healing $80   
5Drecalibration               333                       (live)

Connie Dohan   amidangels@gmail,com   614 989 4500