Monday, April 11, 2016

Use candles? You need this info!

 If you use candles for meditation or purification or cleansing of any kind you need to read this.

When you light the candle, it absorbs all the negative energy around it-which is why you use it.
Most people don't think about the end part of this.

When you blow the candle out, or snuff it out, the smoke rises and releases all the absorbed negative energy back into the air around it, making it worse than when you started.

If you're using candles, light and use them as usual but have a small bowl or shell nearby (maybe 6 to 12 inches away)  with water in it. Or you could use floating candles which float right on the water,.
Now when you extinguish the flame of the candle, the heavy negative energies will be drawn to the water and not released back into the room.

Carefully handling the vessel and the water within it so as not to come in contact with it, dump the water preferably outside into the earth or second choice would be to flush it down the toilet.   

Just one of the more obscure facts learned at our meet up recently  in Columbus Ohio click here

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