Saturday, May 31, 2014

Chakra Tower of Power

Chakra Tower of Power
The “must have “for every metaphysician and energy healer.
The Chakra Tower is approximately 2.75” in diameter and stands approximately 5.75” tall.
It is comprised of seven compartments- one of each of the chakra colors. Each unit holds a pendulum of the same color.
The seven 0.75” tall plastic sections screw on & off and can be arranged in any order you wish. The tower will be shipped in chakra order.
A smart, safe, compact and practical way to store and carry your special tools.
This is a stock picture.  Your Chakra Power Tower will vary as no two pendulum stones are the same.  Each is hand picked and will be of equal or higher value than the one depicted.
Price $25

Friday, May 30, 2014

Angel Visitation

So many of you ask how to see angels.  Many feel that they need to be meditating or doing some "holy" in order for angels to show up.
Not so.   Here is an example that took place just a few hours ago.
Last night,ago I was video skyping with Christine Hendricks. She was in her well lit living room. I was in a room where the only light was the light from my small monitor. I had been maintaining eye contact with her. 
The conversation was light chatter - nothing "holy or mystical". 
Suddenly she said "Look on top of your head. What is That?" We both watched my head and as much of my torso that skype would allow. 
Sure enough, a pink mist was surrounding me and going up to the very top of the screen.It was huge , pulsing , getting lighter & darker & taking on the form of an angel. As we watched, the pink mist was joined by a blue one as well as a green one.
They are still here & have brought a few more in colors I can't describe. I can't hear them talking but they sure follow me close every step I take.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Restless? Confused? Out of Synch with Everyone and Every thing?         

The 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki are a series of 9 attunements /transmissions of energy from the shamanic Mayan/Peruvian peoples, They connect your energy to the new energy of the age. If you feel confused,out of synch with every one & everything around you, you need to be connected to and anchored to the new translucent energy of this time.. Normally $50 per rite, you will receive a very special meetup price. Full details at : This is the first of 3 sessions. It will take 3 sessions to receive all 9 rites.

Weds 28 May  live Columbus Ohio


Sunday, May 25, 2014

We're Back! MeetUp and More

We're back!  Sorry about the sudden absence.
 If you are at all squeamish, skip section **thru**

**Mid March, my collar bone broke in a funky way that escaped diagnosis for two weeks.  
Beginning of April, it was surgically repaired with plate and pins. 
Mid April, it became apparent all was not right.  Indeed, a few screws had fallen out and the plate had loosened & shifted.
As well, some of the bone itself had shattered.
This was followed by 2  pulmonary emboli (lung clots) & pneumonia.
Beginning of May was surgery to remove the loose plate/pins and repair the shattered bone  with glue and a huge plate.
The month of May my left arm has  been  immobilized with a huge brace  and I've had to do everything one typing.  In two weeks I get the brace off & can start to use my left hand again.
So we'll be at full speed up here again very soon.  **  

Looking forward,we have two new programs (1 live/1 distant) plus a summer retreat for you to experience.

Check them out.  You don't want to miss any of them!