Saturday, June 18, 2016

Summer Camp For Moms?

So, summer is upon us.. Kids enrolled in camps & hopeful of numerous play dates.

Now is the time to take time for YOU.  Refresh and re-group & build yourself up.  There are several options- live and online to give you the zip you need.

for a few hours
live: Most  Tuesday & Wednesday evenings, expect the unexpected at Connie's in Dublin Ohio- a warm welcome awaits you at the LIGHT WORKERS SUPPORT GROUP -
(Light Workers Seeking to Shine) check out at: 

on line:  classes galore - If you don't see what you want, ask and I'll put it up for you.  Check it out at:

for a half day, whole day or overnight
live:  ILLUMINATED ADVENTURE -make it YOUR way.  Check it out at:

something new 
live or distant
3 two hour classes or one 6 hour day
STUDENT TO PROFESSIONAL SERIES- hands on learning and real doing. Three choices - Student to Professional Healer, Student to Professional Metaphysician, Student to Professional Expo-er.  Check it out at:

Take some time for you - learn a skill, make a friend, change  your life - embrace the future. Summer 2016 could be the start of something great for you!

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