Friday, November 4, 2016


Some times we get all wound up in gizmos and gadgets - crystals, wands, heated deluxe massage tables- we over look the obvious.

Our most powerful tool is absolutely free and doesn't need to be lugged about and be set up and taken down.

Our most powerful tool is Source itself cursing through us as clear, pure channels.

I discovered a twist on a well known technique that can  be used any time, any where with remarkable results.  You can perform it on yourself or others.

You are no doubt familiar with a meditation, protection, clearing or healing method in which you envision a white cloud above the head and then pull it down into the body,

I invite you to try this again - with 2 changes.

-Have the white cloud high above the head
-Envision a spot approximately 18 inches above your crown.
-You will sense the spot is there. It is your soul chakra.

-Place a white cloud high above your head
-Pull the white light down from the cloud and as it reaches the 18 inch spot, envision that 18 inch spot being a funnel,
-Now pull the white light down to this funnel, forcing it into a narrow stream
This narrow rod will now travel through the centre the body, through each chakra cleansing and repairing each chakra on its way to exiting into the ground.

-Assess your own state or your client state, 
Perhaps you are anxious?
-In this case imagine the white cloud above your head just as before but this time place and the letters P-E-A-C=E  in the cloud.
-Now as you draw the white cloud down to the funnel, the"peace"will also come and penetrate each chakra on its way to exiting and into the ground
you can put any word in the cloud and drop it through the chakras.

Put in Joy, Validation, Health or whatever your need is at the time.

This is a very powerful technique. It is free and easy to do.
It can be a great benefit to your client and will take your business up a notch.


Thursday, November 3, 2016

FREE Reiki (and other energy modality) training & events

Perhaps one of the most common beefs going around many circles including reiki and other energy healing circles is the the cost of classes for certification and follow up continuing education. 

This always surprises me because of the abundance of really good FREE stuff out there - on line or live.
These classes are top notch and often hosted by the author of the book or founder of the modality.  

Free classes offer flexibility and convenience. Some of the online classes are recorded so that you can take them when ever is convenient - in your pajamas if you'd like.

The offerings are diverse so there is bound to be something up your alley.    Often you have to sign up to the company's free newsletter.  In some cases you are asked to go through a free paypal check out.  The total amount charged is truly  $0.00 and you are given several opportunities to cancel along the way.

No more complaints about pricing until you've exhausted all the free stuff!

1. Free online Reiki Circle
    sign up:  
         grey horizontal bar across bottom of page
         hosted by Alice Langholt -founder  and author of
         Practical Reiki
2. Free online Mediumship Circle 
    sign up:  
         grey horizontal bar across bottom of page
         hosted by Cara Seekings - medium, Lilydale NY
3.  Free event live in  Columbus Ohio Pay Back the Universe
      sign up: 
       hosted by Connie Dohan - founder Power Reiki and    author of many books including Advanced Auras and Chakras
4.    Free 90 min recording  Practical  Reiki  
     sign up:  
         grey horizontal bar across bottom of page
  hosted by Alice Langholt -founder  and author of  Practical Reiki
5.  Free monthly course from Hay House's Wisdom           Community by various topics & speakers -currently Angel Card Readings and how to turn this into a full or part time business.
    sign up:

6.  Doreen Virtue's Fairyologist course

      sign up 
 Numerous absolutely free classes are just out there waiting for you by simply googling   Free energy healing course   or   free energy healing event

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Chios Healing

Chios Healing Made Simple 1

on-line classes beginning Nov 14th
through Reiki Awakening Academy

Chios is an energy healing method that works on healing in the auric field. The student learns how to perceive imbalances in the aura, and heal them in self or others. Doing so then affects the body, as it readjusts itself into balance, initiating healing.
Up until now, Chios training has been a complicated process. Connie has simplified the training, and in doing so, made it accessible to all who wish to learn.
  • Have you begun Chios training but not completed Master Level as you found all that information just too overwhelming?
  • Perhaps you have looked at Chios training and just thought it was beyond you.
In this three class course, the confusion and the mystery are removed and the power is experienced.
What's different?
  • The pages and pages of repetitive text and information have now been condensed into manageable sections.
  • The important facts are extracted from the mounds of information presented in the text and presented to the student in a concise manner.
  • The student learns how to see, sense, feel, or perceive the aura making what is the stumbling block of Chios for so many –the need to SEE the aura - a non-issue.  A crisp, clear understanding of the material makes certification quick and easy using this method.
Class number one: Foundations
In this class, the student will receive a solid understanding of basics of the Chios system.
The student will also become attuned to Chios & receive their Chios Practitioner Certificate

Prerequisites: none

Materials :
free ebook

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Runes Made Easy

Watch now until the end of October for more of the "Show Me" series

Monday, October 17, 2016

Orbs - What Are They?

By Connie Dohan
What exactly is an orb?
That is a topic of debate.
They appear, to the naked eye or in photographs as circular
lights floating or sometime times moving at various speeds.
They can be any number of colors or sizes.

Many of the “orbs” reported be traced to natural causes – dust, lint reflection in a window, mirror, water, even snow.
When viewing orbs one must not jump to conclusions but must rule out all the “normal” possibilities before considering the paranormal possibilities.

Good indication of a real paranormal orb:
-seen by the naked eye
-photo taken without camera flash

Orbs have been observed floating seeming aimlessly about or moving in a pattern above crop circles or graveyards,linging close to individuals, births, funerals, wweddings.  This has caused the thought that these light balls carry ancestors or guardian angels.  Some have even said that orbs are the fairy godmothers as in Snow White.

Some orbs are definitely energy, and energy is spirit. However, no one knows what this energy is, for sure. Plasma balls of light have been proven to be electrically charged. Some of them are a naturally occurring phenomenon created through static discharge. True (plasma) orbs will normally have a more solid center, without any spokes radiating from the center, and emit their own light. Whether or not plasma-type orbs are only unintelligent, electrical discharges remains to be discovered and better understood.
In that many things have been seen in orbs – peoples’ faces. animals, symbols, even buildings, some postulate that orbs are part of a time warp.
What are orbs?
You decide!

Monday, June 20, 2016

YOUR Walk and your Soul's Purpose

Are you are discontent about the way things are going in your  life, not sure what to do to get on a path of abundance?
Or perhaps you have no idea or aren't sure of your life's calling or soul's purpose?

It's time to get an Earth Angel Realm Reading

An realm reading can take place live or even distance if you have some good head shots.

The reading will put you in your angel realm and from there describe your innate  personality traits.  This information will be used to show you what type of job you are called to & what type of people you are best suited to surround your self with.

more info:

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Summer Camp For Moms?

So, summer is upon us.. Kids enrolled in camps & hopeful of numerous play dates.

Now is the time to take time for YOU.  Refresh and re-group & build yourself up.  There are several options- live and online to give you the zip you need.

for a few hours
live: Most  Tuesday & Wednesday evenings, expect the unexpected at Connie's in Dublin Ohio- a warm welcome awaits you at the LIGHT WORKERS SUPPORT GROUP -
(Light Workers Seeking to Shine) check out at: 

on line:  classes galore - If you don't see what you want, ask and I'll put it up for you.  Check it out at:

for a half day, whole day or overnight
live:  ILLUMINATED ADVENTURE -make it YOUR way.  Check it out at:

something new 
live or distant
3 two hour classes or one 6 hour day
STUDENT TO PROFESSIONAL SERIES- hands on learning and real doing. Three choices - Student to Professional Healer, Student to Professional Metaphysician, Student to Professional Expo-er.  Check it out at:

Take some time for you - learn a skill, make a friend, change  your life - embrace the future. Summer 2016 could be the start of something great for you!