Monday, February 24, 2014

SHAZAM! Powerful Relief from tension headaches


From the Power of Nature to you.

For rapid relief of :
tension headaches

Working at the level of the auras and chakras SHAZAM!
 works rapidly to balance and align the chakras while at the same time cleansing and enlarging the aura.

IT WORKS - tested on over 100 real people with real fatigue.
Backed up by "Before & After" aura bio feedback and photography.

IT  IS 100 % NATURAL - ingredients are simply distilled water and crushed crystals.

No scents added,  allergy free.  Made entirely in USA by real people  with real allergies.  When we say 100% natural and allergy free we mean it!

Pet and people friendly.

Simply mist about 6" in front of face and inhale.  You will feel "curiously refreshed".

Can be used personally to relieve stress as well as in your professional life to "jumpstart" massage or energy sessions

I have used it in my own healing practice for a decade and now offer it to you.

Large 4oz bottle $12.50 free  shipping until  end February when it will revert to it's normal pricing of $15 shipped.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Can't Meditate? FInd out why!

Tried repeatedly to meditate but failed?
Ever think there might be a physical cause for this?
Did you know that it is impossible for the physical body to attain or maintain a state of meditation unless  the pineal gland is functioning well?

In most North Americans this grape sized gland is calcified & shriveled to the size of a grain of rice by the age of 12!
Read on.....
 ( excerpt from my book "You are Psychic" for release end Feb 2014-copyright)

Pineal Gland
Let's start of the beginning. 
The pineal gland is also called “The Eye of Horus”, “Thre Seat of the Soul”, “The Third Eye”, “The Brow Chakra”.
It is a small pine cone shaped gland about the size of a pea located deep with the brain between the right and left hemispheres and attached to the third ventricle.  Interestingly, its composition is that of rods and cones just like the physical eye.

The pineal gland is your spiritual vision apparatus, your bridge between the physical and metaphysical worlds. It produces the substances that allow you to have mystical and lucid dream experiences that are essential to your spiritual evolution. Dreams, intuition and such are messages from the Soul, and the pineal gland is the antenna designed to receive them.  If you are not getting messages or your messages are muddled, perhaps your pineal gland is not active.

In an ideal situation, the pineal gland produces a number substances. Including:
Melatonin which regulates our waking and sleeping.
Seratonin which affects mood
      DMT (dimethyltrityline )– the only known natural hallucinogen.  This substance is responsible for lucid dreams and psychic abilities.

So, when the pineal gland is not functioning optimally, we will experience erratic sleep patterns and decreased intuitive/psychic ability, feel disconnected from Source, be unable to meditate   Sound familiar?

In North America, most people’s pineal gland is totally calcified and shut down by the age of twelve.  That is why children are much more psychic/intuitive than adults.  It also explains why you may have felt that you “shut down” in your early teen years/  It also explains why “it” is not coming back no matter how many books you read, how much money you spend or how many hours you sit in lotus position trying to meditate.


The pineal gland absorbs all the fluoride we ingest – food, water, tooth paste.  The fluoride collects along the inside walls of the pineal gland causing it to harden & calcify.
So, we must begin by decalcifying the pineal gland in order to receive and interpret spiritual messages again.

Some practical ways to de-calcify your pineal gland:
1.         Eat as natural a diet is possible.  (Raw is recommended but realistically this is impossible for most of us to maintain).  Incorporate chorella, and herbs such as parsley into your meals as these foods contain the enzymes that de-calcify your pineal gland.
2.         Remove fluoride from your diet as this is the substance that coats the walls of the pineal gland causing it to calicfy.
Drink filtered water and switch to a toothpaste without fluoride in it.
3.         Sleep!  Ideally one should rise when the sun rises and sleep when the sun sets - like our ancestors did before the advent of the electric light bulb.  Realistically, following the sun is not practical as far as our sleep patterns are concerned in this generation.  However if you get into a regular pattern balancing your waking hours and your sleeping hours, this will help facilitate the production and regulation of melatonin from the pineal gland.
4.         Sun gazing is another must for stimulating the pineal gland.  In the very early morning hours immediately following the dawn just close your eyes and lift your head skyward.  Do this outside so that your face can soak up the sun and the vitamin D.  Do without sunglasses but be sure to do it only in the early morning hours not when the sun is hot or high.
5.         Take iodine supplements.  Iodine is found in seaweed and naturally stimulates the pineal gland.
·                   Use blue gem stones such as sapphire, lapis , soldalite.  Gently press them into your third eye area or place them on you r brow when lying down.
6.         Gently rub/massage the brow area
7.         Fluoride is also absorbed through the skin- important to know if your water is fluoridated and you take long showers.  In this case you could put filter in place.
8.         Saunas or sweat lodges are a good way to purge/cleanse.

Closing Thought:
The third eye, the way of insight and power, should more properly be called “the first eye”.  This is the place a power where we hear the universe -- a place of oneness. Our physical eyes represent a place of duality where we are separated from our inner wisdom and cannot hear the voice of god.

You will also need the tools of meditation.  For this, there is Meditation in a Bag  click here