Sunday, August 31, 2014

Amazing Anatomy Fact # 2

Fact #2
Amazing Anatomy Fact #2

It takes 24 muscles to walk -- 
(12 in each leg) 
4 thigh muscles
3 hamstring muscles
3 muscles  in the  buttocks
2 calf muscles

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Amazing Anatomy

I have observed that many healers have no medical background of anatomy.  A healer becomes much more powerful with an understanding of the body  - as that is what she deals with on a daily basis.

So, I will post daily in this blog for 100 days -amazing body facts. (Info from National Geographic)  Check in daily and become illuminated.

Fact # 1
Skin accounts for as much as 15%
of body weight.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Why Chios?

Why Chios?
Chios Healing is a powerful healing modality that goes beyond the physical body and heals at the deeper level of the auras and chakras.

Its system is unique as are its 3 attunements.  It has its own powerful meditation technique.

Its is equally powerful live as it is distant.  It can be taught live or distant.

Check out  the web page chios healing.  See me - Connie Dohan - listed as a Certified Chios Master Teacher.

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It can be taught in one of 3 ways
1. Live in Columbus Ohio 
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3. Traditional Self Study
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You will also need the manual & work book for each level - free down load from
As well, you will need the book pack from me $35
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-Anatomy for Energy Healers
-Which Clair Are You? (ebook)

Upon completion of the Master level, you will be qualified to teach as well as to give attunements.
You will receive a "teacher kit" giving you the master symbol, attunement procedures manual, answer key to all 3 work books.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Why Namaste?

For some of you reading this, you ask, what the heck is "namaste" - never mind why "namaste".

"Namaste" is  Sanskrit word.  Translating it in to English gives it many nuances but it is generally translated  "The Spirit in me salutes the Spirit in you".

It's common usage is as a greeting of both "hello" and "good  bye".  It is used both at the beginning and end of an encounter.  It often associated with hands in prayer position at the heart and a slight bow of the head.

Up until about five years ago, it was in common use in North America in metaphysical and healing circles.

In this fast paced world of technology and things, this simple gesture is falling out of usage and I am sadden but it's departure from our culture.

This one word gesture has POWER. Just by saying the word all of the following (plus  more) benefits are realized in your life:

1. Initially it causes you to slow down and take focus off of yourself and your business and problems.

2. It causes you to briefly reflect on Source from which we all come and is the divine spark in all of us.

3 It recognizes  the person in front of us as a holy vessel of the Divine Spark and as such should be treated with respect, awe and wonder...a piece of God is right in front of you!

4.  It reminds each one of us of the beauty and power that WE ARE as part of the Divine.

5. It reminds us to fan that Divine Spark within us to a Holy Fire.

6. As caretakers of the Divine Flame what are you doing that quashes the Light?  What can you do to make it a blazing

7. Lastly it sandwiches everything between the opening namaste & the closing namaste - putting it on holy ground with the opportunity to rise up in vibration changing not only itself but ourselves and all things around it.

All this from a single word! Who'd have guessed?


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Meditation that Works

Tried to meditate and found yourself dozing?
Or maybe you've found yourself revising the grocery list or reviewing the grocery list.

What's happening?
What's wrong?
You've bought all the CDs DVDs and books.
You've attended the classes and even learned some you.

You know that meditation seems to be the foundation stone to every thing you are trying to attain in the energetic and metaphysical realms yet no matter how hard you try, meditation elludes you.

You are not alone.  Most North Americans fail abysmally when it comes to meditation.
Enter "Meditation in a Bag" - "Meditation North American Style".   Here you have all the tools you need for successful, effective plus a 20 minute video clip showing what the others have not shown you,  All this designed to have you actually meditating -not dozing or doing the grocery  list.

Deluxe "Meditation in a Bag" - Meditation that Works, $35 Meditation for Busy People, Meditation North American Style:
-cream angel print, lined with gold colored satin storage bag
-deluxe multi-colored wooden mala 
         -double mala 216 beads
         - when not in use, can be worn as bracelet or necklace
-fabulous angel print prayer shawl 
           - approx 2'x5'  
           -choice cream or black
-20 minute (unlisted) YouTube video clip 

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