Monday, January 25, 2016

January Sizzler

Sizzler - MeetUp Sizzlers are events you won't want to miss. They occur only once per month and are outstanding value.
They are for the curious . They are geared to those wanting information on a budget and in a time crunch. Each sizzler consists of :
10:30-a class (approx 1.5 hours) $5
-four hours of  fun.
12:15  onward -mini readings/energy healing $5 per session
choose from:
-11 different energy healing modalities
You can come for just the class or just the reading (s) or both .
A lively and interactive class about the runes facilitated by MT Schwartz
Learn how to read as well as write the 24 runes.
Also info on amulets and binding the runes.
You won't find this anywhere else!
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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Addictions coffee, nicotine, choclate. What's yours& HowTo Zap It

January is not yet through and your resolution to quit smoking, lose 60 pounds or what ever is only a memory.  In fact, the habit you are try to kick is even stronger than before.

What happened?

Like most people, you attacked the problem at the visual level  -maybe even the anatomical level.

The symptom lies in the physical/anatomical body.

The source lies in the aura chakra level.

The most often used example of this is a person having an amputation from the knee down wanting a massage for the cold achy foot.  The physical limb was removed but the aura still remains.

The list below shows where in the chakra  system each addiction hides - there is some over lap between some of the chakras.

 But wait...remember the front side of the chakra system is brought into harmony by use of color.  The front side is also the present.

The rear side of the chakra system is brought into harmony by sound - musical tones.  It is the past.

For example a suicidal person will have a distorted base (red) chakra. Treating the suicidal tendencies by flooding the aura and chakras with red may help temporarily with the symptoms but the underlying cause is still lurking in the rear chakra - treated by sound.

So, the front is the "now", the present - what you see
-he is suicidal
-he is angry
-he is anxious

The rear is the past - what you don't see
How he got this way
-his gene pool
-his experience
-his medication

So be sure you are working with the rear side of the chakra system.


Root: (O black)
Cravings for rooted foods – nuts, potatoes etc
Cravings for alcohol derived from root foods
              Vodka (potato based)

Base: (1st red)
Hard Drugs
Over eating
Craving red meat, milk products

Sacral: (2nd orange)
Over eating gluten based foods
Overly or underly emotionally reactive

Solar Plexus: (3rd yellow)
Caffeinated and “power drinks”
Corn based alcohol (bourbon)
Overly critical

Heart: (4th green)
Always has to “be in love”

Throat: (5th blue)
Oral fixations
Always eating or talking
Eats when bores, anxious, lonely

3rd Eye: (6th indigo)
Over/under eating
Body distortions

Crown: (7th violet/white)
Overly committed to a religious group
 or dogma
Over/under eating
Compulsive use of prayer or meditation

Always early/always late
Doesn’t know when to end a relationship - in a string of one bad relationship after another
Absorbs energies of others & then craves stimulants or depressants to cope.

Soul: (9th)
Over concern for others
Self starving

 based on information in the Cyndi Dale books

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Quartz vs Apophyllite

Quartz vs Apophyllite

Both Quartz and Apophyllite are structurally the same and are members of the quartz family.
Like quartz, they both come in many colors. Most commonly for quartz clear, smoky & rose.
Most commonly for  apophylllite clear, black (strongest) and recently purple.

Can you tell which is which?

They also have many differences - Apart from the fact that quartz is much easier to spell and pronounce!
Their identifying points differ as do their metaphysical uses.
Look on the bottom for quick identifying marks.
Quartz is always 6 sided
Apophyllite is a cube - 4 sided.

 As well, if you look on the bottom, every apophyllite will have a cross - some are harder to see than  others.  Hold it up to the light and move around, you will see a cross.
Below is a specimen of a cluster of light green apophyllite.  See the cube formation of apophylllite growing .
There are pages and pages written about both crystals. You simply need to insert their name in any search engine-Google for example.
Here are a few unusual facts about each.
Clear quartz:
-most abundant crystal on the planet
-Different meanings and uses depending on culture.
Japanese consider it the breath of the white dragon and therefore perfection.
Australian aborigines consider it the stone for making rain
Worldwide clear crystal skulls found Are considered to be made by the  atlanteans some consider them a living being.
Crystal balls have been  used for centuries for gazing and fortune telling
Quartz can be manufactured and imitated

Apophyllite is associated primarily with the third eye and crown chakras.

Natural Apophyllite pyramids are the most powerful formation of the energy stimulating crystals,
Used in gem elixirs it is said to bring energy to the heart chakra, as well as to charge or preserve objects.
Apophyllite is associated primarily with the third eye and crown chakras.
 Used on the third eye this is the most powerful form to stimulate third eye vision.
In traditional folk and crystal healing,                
It is used for tired or stressed eyes by placing on the eyelids.
 It is used similarly in different body regions for respiratory problems, stopping asthma attacks, allergies, and health of mucus membranes and skin.

(all pictures from my personal collection)

Monday, January 11, 2016

Tibetan Quartz Om Crystal


This crystal is perhaps one of the best  kept secrets in the metaphysical world.
It looks like a rough quartz crystal but it is so much more.

These crystals come from very high 
altitudes in the Hymalan mountain range. They must be hand harvested and only in the springtime. Despite this they are very affordable. You should be able to get a nice piece for under $10.

They most commonly come in  clear  quartz but can also be found in black, purple. Some people see it in pink but this is just a variation  of the purple.

It's properties are much different from the typical quartz crystal.

They encompass the full spectrum of colors and emit the sacred OM vibration.
They embody ancient sacred wisdom and are wonderful for anyone on a sacred journey.
As they continuously clean the aura of anything nearby they are often worn close to the chest.
They do emit a subtle buzz most people can sense.
Clear is most common; black is considered the most powerful.
I find that most metaphysical shops do not handle them but they are readily available on eBay.

For those of you in the Columbus, Ohio area, don't miss the first sizzler of 2016!  See you Saturday 16 January noon until 4pm.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Feeling BLAH?

 Does this sound like you?

You are probably experiencing "ascension symptoms"

As the vibration  of the earth rises, your body is attempting to ascend as well.
The process usually brings on any or all of  the symptoms listed above.

Whether or not you are experiencing any untoward signs, your body needs a boost.  It is stuck in the pattern of 2015 & it needs to break free so as to cope with 2016.

This is accomplished by a Marconics session. Maraconics Energy is a transmission of very high vibrational energy .  It raises the vibration of your body and energy so you can cope with all the changes swirling around you.
 A by "by product" of this is that health and well being is promoted.  Clients report increased energy levels and a well as improvement in long term health challenges.

Marconics can be received live in person in Dublin, Ohio or remotely any where in the world.

A session costs $70 and usually lasts 30-45 minutes.

Call Connie (614 989 4550) today for your Marconics Energy session today at the special introductory January only price of $60

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