Sunday, November 30, 2014

December Happenings - some free!

Welcome December!

ANGEL of the DAY


The art of palmistry is also known as chiromancy.
This takes many forms.  You can study the creases in the palms, fingers only, the shape of the palms and many other variations.
The lines of your palm change as you grow.  A palm print that you would take today would be different from the one you would see six months from now.
There are many ways of reading palms.  The method we will use is to decide that the dominant hand holds the present and past and the non dominant hand holds the future.

     This week's class
      Weight Loss &  the Chakras
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Monday, November 24, 2014

Changes and New Things

This feature will end with the end of November.

Beginning December you will see a simple approach to reading palms called SHOW ME PALMISTRY


"A Moment for Me" calendar
Just in time for holiday gifting .
The ideal gift for family, friends or office.
Each tear off page offers on  free 30 second
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"A Moment for Me" cards.
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Is Your Aura Making You Fat?
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Connie's Pay Back the Universe

Saturday, November 22, 2014

4 Things Energy Healers Neglect to Do

Amazing Anatomy Fact #30

Tues 25 November 8-9pm (eastern)                                   

Just in time for the holiday eating season .
Is Your Aura Making You Fat?
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Weds 03 Dec  2:30-4pm & 7::30-9pm (eastern)
7758 Henry David Ct, Dublin OH 43016


Blanket courtesy of Mildred Cox
 MY BLANKET- A Tip for Energy Healers

Why are some energy healers so much stronger than others?
A fantastic healer:
-has natural ability
-has training in more than one modality
-works for he highest and most good of  client,
-makes the most of external influences.

Most healers do steps 1-3 but I seen even very seasoned healers be less than the very best they could be by over looking step 4 - outside influences.  Just by doing a  few free or very inexpensive things, any healer can up the power of their healing in an amazing way.

1.  You can't go in naked.  You have to wear something. With limited knowledge of the chakra system, you know that the front side of the system responds to color.  So what ever color you wear  will stimulate one or more chakras.  White,the combination of all colors, is the best color to wear as it  doesn't draw out any one particular color..

2. .The same applies to the walls.  They should be either white or very pale.  If you have no control this because you are renting, make sure to have a wall hanging or a major focal piece that has all the colors in it.  This may be something you have to transport to and from but it will be worth it

3. If you're going to be using music anyway, use  chakra balancing music - The 10 Minute Chakra by Weave is one of many good ones. 

4. You  use intent in all your healing.  Why stop there?  You can use intent in  the bottles of drinking water that you give out.
Think of a new ways to use intent.   For example, this blanket was crocheted by hand with intent built into every stitch.  Imagine what the vibes feel like lying under this one.!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

All the usual plus announcing a FABULOUS FREE EVENT


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Monday, November 17, 2014

Passing Gas -are you average?

                                               Amazing Anatomy  Fact #28

LAST CALL!    Classes/Events this week

Runes made easy    online class today Tues 18
Join us and learn to read, write and bind the runes.
more info click here

Attunement Sizzler/Angel Connect      live Columbus, Ohio
Weds Nov 19th
Angel readings plus 6 attunements
info click here (scroll down a bit) 

Is Your Aura Making You Fat?

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In simplest terms, an attunement is the process of a person with a certain type of energy passing that energy to a person who does not have that energy.
The sending/transmitting of the attunement usually lasts anywhere from a few minutes upto 15 minutes.  The receiving is instantaneous but the "side effects" can last a few days.
Attunements can be done live or remotely queued or remotely in time when the two people cannot meet in person.  In person you will usually find they can involve a light touch but can be hands off.  Sometimes a gentle blowing is involved.
What to expect
The sender will advise the receiver of any preparation necessary.  Usually this is simply to be well rested and to have a certain stance (sitting, standing, the eyes opened or closed, hand position etc)
The sender will then transmit the energy in the manner prescribed for that particular attunement.
The recipient will receive the energy in the manner directed by the sender.  This may happen right away or could have a delayed effect of up to 48 hours, or even happen gradually over a few days.
Everyone receives energy differently.
The recipient may feel a sensation of heat going through the body or a part of it.  Or, they may have a prickly feeling.  A few other sensations might be:
-        hearing a static or crackling noise
-        Sensing of hot or cold
-        Sensation of light pressure
-        Sensation of a gentle breeze
-        Seeing multicolors or a single vivid color
-        (Many people who dream in and black and white often report dreaming in color after an attunement).
Rarely recipients report mild side effects-most commonly a mild head ache.  In this case, the sender should be contacted.  The sender should be well experienced and will offer a few simple remedies.  These usually entail drinking lots of water to flush the system as well as grounding exercises.
Attunements work on many levels and with higher powers. Most people think of attunements as connected with healing modalities such as Reiki, Chios and the like.  However there are numerous other attunements that stand alone such as angel attunements. chakra attunements, intuition attunements and more.
No matter the type of attunement, the objective is two-fold.
Firstly, it is so that the recipient can attune to the energy and use it appropriately. 
Secondly, it is so the recipient can pass it on to others.  (The recipient should expect to receive a manual for that particular attunement which includes clear instructions on how to pass it on as well as FAQs about that attunement.)
Can an attunement fail?
It is important to know that the attunement process fails if the recipient just receives the energy.  The recipient should learn to be a clear channel/vessel through which this energy flows.  As well, it should most importantly deepen the recipient’s connection to the Divine.  So many times people see the gift (new energy) don't see the giver (the Divine).
A final thought
Attunements are great for your personal development.  As well, they are ideal to incorporate into any business.  They
- are always in stock
- don’t take up any storage space
-never need dusting
-have no stale/use by date
-never go out of vogue.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Munay -ki Rite of the Womb

                   Breaking News!
For women only.  The Rites of the Munay -Ki unveils "The Rite of The Womb".

Healing through a lineage of jungle medicine women.  (As it works outside of time, it should be received by wome outside of childbearing years as well as by those who have  had hysterectomies).  Receive it Today:

$35 for the rite  - live or distant.

On submitting pay pal. you will be sent 
-detailed instructions on how to receive the attunement
-details on how to pass  it.

If you live in Columbus Ohio, there is a great opportunity available  to you!
Receive over $150 worth of attunements - all with manuals & ability to pass on....
Columbus Super Sizzler price $20
 For personal or professional use.

How to get your Super Attunement 6 pack
1. Pre pay by paypal button
2.  You will receive  an email with all the info you need - including address
3.  Attend  the meeting and receive your Guardian Angel Attunement live.
4.  Receive the remainder of the attunements distant as scheduled  (manuals email)
-Color of Angels
- 49 Angel Symbols
- Full Spectrum Light
-Intuition Reiki
-Etheric Cord Flush

Connect With the Angels

Seeking Angelic assistance but can't seem to connect with your angel(s)?

Join us live in Columbus Ohio   19 Nov  8pm  and learn to connect!

Did you know that you can be attuned to Angels?  

You will receive  a brief class on angels followed by The Guardian Angel Attunement.
as well as :
Ability to pass it on  (normal charge is $25)
9 page manual  detailing what exactly the attunement is, how to receive it, how to send it.

This attunement connects you with your own Guardian Angel who will be with  you always - assisting with healing and providing guidance when asked.  The more you seek contact with your guardian  angel, the more you will feel your angel's presence.
Includes a single attunement, manual and ability to pass on the attunement to others.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why I Don't Give Reiki for Free -Venting

Amazing Anatomy Fact #27

NOVEMBER    Live in Columbus Ohio...Nov 19th 8pm
MEETING         Angel Attunements    click here for info

Why I Don’t Give Free Reiki
 I am a healer, an intuit, a seer and a Light Worker.  This is not a hobby.  It is my life’s calling, my soul’s purpose.  It is more than what I do.  It is what I am.
I didn’t just wake up this way one day.  I have devoted huge amounts of time, energy & money to discover, hone, develop and tweak my abilities to get where I am today.
Underneath the surface of the extra powerful healer & that reader that is so spot-on that it is uncanny lies 30 years of overcoming pain and adversity, thousands of dollars expended on courses, trainings.  Like wise countless miles traveled alone to get to the destinations that offered the modalities needed.
I did not have a guide, I walked the path alone. 
No one gave me a free (or discounted) ride.
When I did not have the funds for what I felt I needed, I did not insult the master by showing up and expecting a freebie.
I freed up funds in my personal life by doing without things I previously thought to be essential.
As, I obtained certifications, I spent most of my weekends at fairs and expos plying my trade while gaining experience and  exposure all the while hoping for enough in take to cover expenses and a bit extra.
This did not always happen.  Sometimes these venues were a bust-costing more for booth & gas than was taken in.
In the process, lack caused me to learn to manifest – really manifest.

You wouldn’t show up at the salon and tell the stylist that your hair is too long & that the stylist should give you a free cut because you have spent all your money else where .  That would be absurd!
Reality check- you will always find the $ for the things you really want or believe to be of value.

Why would you expect free or discounted advice or services from me?
I have business and personal expenses.  My bank won’t take your IOU or discount my fees because I have discounted a service to you.
Don’t insult or demean Source by expecting to pay less than the posted price, being late for an appointment or not cancelling in advance if something comes up.

I am insulted when people ask or hint for a freebie. Their gaze is turned inward on self not outward on the gift or upward to the Divine (the source).

Think about it.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Columbus Light Workers

Local focus

Amazing Anatomy Fact #26


   Cheap aura photography  $25 Sat Nov 8th
    Call Connie for appt   614 989 4550       

2 SPACES LEFT...Click Here for more info 

Meetings Live in Columbus
A small group of serious students meets irregularly in Columbus.
We meet 2-3 times per month.*

As well, we do special live events.**

Offer discounts on tools and  jewelry to enhance your practice.***

  You can check here often as new things will be posted here.

 There are no membership dues and no minimum number of meetings you have to attend


***always 25% off any metaphysical/holistic jewelry  or tools

 **Check the live event:

*next upcoming meeting

Connecting with YOUR Angels
Weds Nov 19 @ 8pm

presentation :
-what angels are/what angels are not
-suggestions for communicating with yours.
Each attendee will receive:
Guardian Angel Attunement plus
manual & instructions on how to pass it on.
(going rate is $35 to pass it on)
Your cost for Class & attunement plus certificate pus ability to pass it on.  $20

Optional Extra:
Color of angels attunement  $10
With manual/instructions for passing on.
(going rate for giving/receiving this attunement is $35)

An incredible price and great way to grow/ enhance your business!
$20 for initial attunement plus $10 for second attunement .

Just $30 for both.
Bring a friend rate: you  pay $30, your friend pays $15.

 If you would like to be on the email list for emails & reminders, simply
email me at

Sunday, November 2, 2014

5 Ways Energy Healers Sabotage Themselves plus November Happenings


Fact #25


Five Ways Energy Healers Sabotage Themselves
(Five Insider Tips to Powerful Energy Healing)

With just a little mindful thought, you can easily “take your sessions up a notch”.
Over the years, I have seen even advanced healers “operate at less than full power” by not applying very rudimentary knowledge of the chakra system to their everyday practice.
Here is a list of the most common ways energy healers could follow to make their sessions more powerful.

1.  Wear white clothing.
All other colors apart from white will stimulate the client's chakras in a way the healer might not intend.
Think about it.
Wearing your favorite color blue,.for example ,will stimulate the client’s throat chakra.  This is not necessarily the chakra that needs assistance. 

2.  Studio considerations
Likewise the walls of the studio space should be a neutral color.  If you are renting space and cannot change the color, or if you just like to paint your walls sunshine yellow, then you must compensate in the way you accessorize it.  You can use a rainbow-colored prayer shawl or a rainbow arc of candles as your focal piece to ensure all of the chakras are satisfied

3.  Music
Remembering that the front side of the chakra responds to color and the rear side responds to sound, it is very important that if you use ambient music, it be appropriate to satisfy the rear side of the system.  Each chakra responds to its own musical note. 
You can go all out and get a set of tuning forks.  Or you can simply play music designed specifically for that purpose of balancing chakras.  The Ten Minute Chakra (by A. Weave ) is a good example of such music.

4.  Pendulums
When using a pendulum, be sure to use a neutral color such as white, clear, silver.  This will provide accurate results as well as proper balance.  If you are trying to balance the chakras using pendulums, you will need a collection of them.  You’ll need red for the base, orange for the sacral etc.

5.  Candles  and Incense
Refrain from using scented candles, incense and the like.  Not only are so many people allergic to  scent, smell is a powerful trigger for suppressed memories.  You might get more than you bargained for.

Classes                                 candle making and marketing Nov 3rd
with Connie                           using sound in healing Nov 4th
(online)                                  how to read cards in one lesson Nov 11th
                                                runes Nov 18th 

                                              Crystal Grids  8pm   Weds 5 Nov $10    
 live                                Aura Photography by appt     Sat 15`Nov
Ohio                                        Angel Attunements    Weds 19 Nov $10
614 989 4550

                   Winter Solstice  Columbus Ohio  Dec 20,21  7pm
                   Up grade your luminous energy field to that of the time to come.
                        for info click here 
                    Seven spaces available only.  $50 prepaid  by Dec 1st.                           

           New Product

 LightWorkers Intensive 

Live in Columbus or On-line only 

6 spaces available in each option

 As always the monthly on line Reiki Circle is FREE.

You do have to register to receive the link.  (You will be taken to PayPal check out but the amount owing will  be

Kathryn B Robinson

   Buy local for the holidays! 
  614 218 9385
                                                       One of a kind wearable pieces of art.
                                                       Each is completely reversible.
                                                       Each crafted with the intention that it will find its
                                                        way to whomever spirit intended it for.
                                                       Each infused with healing, love and happiness.
                                                       Experience the power! 

FEATURED LOCAL                        If you are in or around Columbus, Ohio,a visit with
PRACTITIONER                              Mike is an absolute Must.  No two sessions are the
                                                         same. Your stress, fatigue, aches and pains will melt
Mike Meade                                      away as you experience Mike's unique blend of
                                                          stress reduction, energy healing, chakra balancing 
                                                         and channeled Wisdom.
                                                          Introductory rates for the month of November.
                                                          By appointment only.  Contact Mike today!