Monday, February 22, 2016


February Stone of the Month       NUUMMITE

Nuummite is an ancient gemstone.  It is found in the high, rugged mountain terrain of Greenland and is accessible only during the short summer months and in an area that can only be reached by boat.  These facts make this gemstone extremely rare.
The stone looks amazing due to bandings and crystallization of anthophyllite  (a magnesium iron silicate) and gedrite.  

Nuummite is one of the oldest stones on Earth formed by volcanic activity over three billion years ago.  The elongated crystals in Nuummite create flashes of irridescent metallic light just beneath the surface of the stone.  Predominantly black or brown, the flash colors can range from gold, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. It seems to have an optical glow.

Extremely powerful energy, Nuummite is a very protective shielding stone that can protect you and your home from all kinds and levels of negative energy on the physical, etheric and emotional levels. It can clear and heal the aura, filling and repairing holes and tears in the auric field.  Nuummite can draw energy from the etheric body to energize the physical body.  It creates an extremely strong energy field. Clearing these pollutants, negative energy, removing blockages and muddy pockets of auric energy will allow clear, bright energy to shine thru!  It can bring light into the densest aspects of the physical world and the human psyche. 

 Nuummite can create harmony between intellectual thought and the psychic and intuitive wisdom.  Nuummite can remove energy blockages.  It is an extremely protective stone that is said to have the ability to ward off any ill wishes, hexes, curses and negative energies AND send them directly back to their point of origin! 
Self-imposed limitations and constraints can be cleared away with Nuummite!  Manifest wealth and prosperity with this energy.

The energetic vibration of Nuummite is aligned with the Base, Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakras; although it is said to open, activate and integrate all chakras. It has a very strong ability to show the user aspects of themselves that can otherwise be denied.  Facing these things head on Nuummite allows the user to become whole and open to self love.  Can enhance the dream state, bring insight and psychic visions in an appropriate manner to its user. It supports inner vision and clairvoyance.

Helpful for those with stress, depression, negative thought cycles and emotional distress or shock.  Because of its strong electro-magnetic field it will quickly restore energy and power that has been depleted.

 The coloring of Nuummite is linked very closely with the Earth element.  It can be used to align the vibrations of the user with the Earth's own frequency of 7.83 Hz or 7.83 cycles per second. This frequency is called the Schumann resonance.  Wearing or carrying Nuummite regularly, the frequency synchronizes you with the Earth, and can bring good fortune.  You  should see an increase in coincidences that could almost seem to be random in nature.

Used by the ancients to invoke visions, provide insight into the psychic and ethereal realms, it is still used today to bring inner strength, depth of spirit, calm and stabilize the mind and body.  Can enhance dream state.  All of these things have made Nuummite very popular as a metaphysical talisman and as a gemstone.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

How to cleanse a cat!

How to cleanse a cat!

One thing my students know right off the start is that the best way to crystals, spaces, sacred tools, or in fact anything is a hunk of selenite.

If They only have one crystal in their collection it is selenite.
Selenite is nature's cleanser Selenite cl eans deeply, thoroughly and gently.

As well it is easy to use.
Simply place the object you want cleansed on or beside the selenite and walk away. Leave it for a few hours, or overnight or even a couple days. When you come back you will find your objects cleansed and ready to use. If you have forgotten it for a long time that's okay too. The selenite method is intense yet gentle. It can be used on even the softest of stones without risk of damaging stone.

I use selenite in all my meditation and healing grids,..
I normally make a point of sorting out  all my crystals and putting them away after each session .

One evening I had a particularly intense session with the client and fell asleep before doing so.    awoke the next morning, to find  the cat positioned in selenite grid corner  and contentedly purring away with no intention of f moving.  He was quite miffed when I put the selenite  away.

Another use for selenite - cleansing  the family cat.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sell the goat

Sell the goat
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During my life as an energy healer, I have clients & situations quite outside the book.  I have done a psychic reading for a cat, distance healing for a snake, live energy sessions for a lizard.
I remember one particular client who made an appointment with me only after ensuring that I used many modalities  beyond reiki- sound, color, crystals etc.  

In preparation for her arrival, I went about cleansing the room, setting up crystal grids, choosing chakra balancing music and just in general preparing for a very intense session that the client had indicated she would need.
The client presented exhausted and weepy, with a history of seeing multiple energy healings with no results.  She said I was her last resort.

She got up on the massage table and as I began a body scan for what I expected to be a very intense session.  I intuited the statement “Sell the goat”, It repeated itself “Sell the goat” I make it a point of following my intuition/inner voice but ...this was seriously weird. However, I summoned up my courage and stopped less than five minutes into the session & said “Sell the goat”.
To my great relief, she popped up off the table crying and said “I’ve been to over 20 healers & have spent massive amounts of time and money with no relief. But you hit the problem on the head.  I run a small market farm and I’m just exhausted and selling the goat will ease my load and make my workload manageable.”  She thanked me profusely & paid the full one hour session fee for ten minutes & “Sell the goat”.

Now the phrase, “Sell the goat” is a reminder to me to always trust that inner voice. I offer the phrase to you – When you’re in doubt, tell yourself, “Sell the goat.” Take a leap of faith and heed your intuition, your inner knowing, your gut will. It will never fail you. 
Take a leap of faith and heed your intuition, your inner knowing, your gut will.  It will never fail you

Monday, February 8, 2016

Happenings Feb 8-18

Feb 8-18

  Ascension Class
Tues Feb 9th   on line class

Do you have Ascension 'Flu?
What is "ascension"?
How is it affecting you?
New 5d  21  point chakra system.
New grounding point.
Your questions answered.

Sun Feb 14th  online gathering
Refresh your energy.
Meet with like minded people .
Weds Feb 18th  part 1 of 4 part 

 Benefits for the client.
Benefits for the practioner.

 All things metaphysical
and energy healing
Unusual finds
Cutting edge info