Monday, May 25, 2015

The Law of Attraction doesn't work for me!!

One of the things my clients seem to struggle most with is the Law Of Attraction.

Despite all the visionboard-ing, meditation, visualizing, and positive affirmations, the new job, the new car, the opulent life style remains a vision and  not a reality.

Why is this?
Does the Law of Attraction only work some times?
No. Law of attraction is a universal law. It works 100% of the time in every situation with every person.

The problem is, that most people not understand what the law of attraction is. They are applying their understanding of the law to their situation and drawing a blank.  Or some times your situation even worsens!

What you focus your thought on you will get. So for example if I have a chip on my shoulder because I feel that my father loved my sister more than me. That thought pattern is heavily ingrained in me. It forms a big black cloud around me. And as we know universe does not understand human language-especially not or pleases. Universe loves us and wants to give us the best of everything.

So when universe visits me and sees a big black cloud of envy, despair, bitterness brewing around me, it says "aha! this person has been focusing on envy bitterness and resentment for 20 years and has lots of it."  This person must want more and so it hands out another dose of envy bitterness and despair. 

You have to clear your negative thought patterns and issues in order to use work with the law of attraction in a positive way.

What ever you have built up in your aura  & physical body. 

Be careful when you employ the  Law of  Attraction. What ever you truly dwell on, the Law of Attraction will increase.