Sunday, August 25, 2013

Chios Healing

"Chios Energy Healing is a relatively new yet very comprehensive energy healing system which employs powerful and effective aura and chakra healing techniques, nearly all of which are unique to Chios. Also included are an integral meditation method and personal growth exercises especially designed for the energy healer,as are new treatment procedures for complementary care of serious illnesses. Chios is a complete, integrated system employing standardized instructional materials available to all, everywhere in the world, which may be downloaded directly from this website. Attunements are available in every country of the world, in-person or as distance attunements. Now you can learn and practice Chios—the higher-dimensional energy healing art of the 21st century—for your benefit and for those you seek to heal".

Connie is one of only 33 certified chios teachers in the USA (click)

Level One this week -day or evening class  Reiki Awakening Academy(click)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Big Changes Coming for RAA this Fall

Big changes are coming to Reiki Awakening Academy beginning this fall not the least of which is a new logo and a crisp, fresh easy look at look:

 In a few weeks a new state of the art web site will appear with all the whistles & bells.

NEW for Columbus:  CLASSES ON DEMAND You name the class - choose live or video class room, give a few windows of time to choose from & it will be student or many with no minimum or maximum number of students.  Just call Connie to set up - 614 989 4550 

Already, you can sample the new look by looking through the course catalog

The AUTUMN RETREAT is NEARLY SOLD OUT.  The theme is Manifesting.  The place is Brandywine Falls Inn  about 30  minutes from down town Cleveland Ohio.  We've rented the entire bed and breakfast!..There is only one room  left.  It is a smallish room with two double beds.  Cost is $225 each if two people share the room / $300 if one person takes the room.  Cost of learning included. Call Connie to snag your spot NOW.

If you have not already done so, I welcome you to join us on FACEBOOK  for a friendly place to rest a bit & to get your metaphysical and holistic answers:
face book page                                face book group

And of course I'll be presenting at Lily Dale this August.  click here for info