Friday, February 27, 2015

Tip #3 - How to boost your healing sessions for free or next to nothing

TIP #3
This is tip #3 in a series of ways for the energy healer to boost the oomph of their energy sessions at little or no cost to themselves.

Like color, sound is all around you.  It has a profound affect on our being  - can make us happy, nostalgic, sad, sleepy  and I 'm sure you can add several others to the list.

So, why not harness sound & make it do your job for you?

Certain music aids in balancing the chakras.  The "industry standard" is THE TEN MINUTE CHAKRA by Weave. Anything by Goldman (YouTube) is also excellent.

So put it to work for you. 
Start with your telephone answering machine music.
Out with the jarring  sound that jangles the nerves.   Use a chakra clip.  (If your phone does not allow you to put in specific clips, silence is better than the  wrong  thing).

On to your waiting area - ditch the mood music and bring on the chakra music.  It's like giving the energetic body a wee massage  before the client even reaches the table.

In the healing room, replace the ambient music with music that works with and toward the same goal.  Chakra music  - only makes sense.

In between sessions recommend a chakra clip to your client.  They can just play it in the background while doing mindless work or while falling asleep.  The chakras absorb the tones with the client not having to pay attention to them at all....push ups and sit ups for the energetic body with no effort from the client what-so-ever.

Sound  can work with your client even when you can't - it's fingers gently massaging energetic body in places you can't even reach.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

TIP #2 for boosting the power of your Energy Healing practice at No Extra Cost

Tip #2

This is second in a series of things which cost little or nothing that you can use to up the power of  your healing practice.

Color is  all around us yet few healers fail to incorporate it into their practice.

One of the most under-employed strategies is the practice of the healer wearing WHITE.

Why white?
-evokes impressions of cleanliness, purity

-is a plain back drop enhancing your opportunity for seeing angels,guides, ancestors as well as the aura and the chakras

-most importantly what color you  wear is a cue to the client's chakra system.  If you wear orange your client's sacral chakra  will be stimulated.  Is that what you want?

-So make color work for you and not against you.  If you don't have white clothing & don't care to invest in a white wardrobe, simply dress as you please and throw on a white lab coat.

As with the TCM chi clock  (in the previous post) a little change can boost your sessions profoundly.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

FREE TIP #1 for boosting the power of your Energy Healing practice

The traditional Chinese medicine clock: #
1 in a series of techniques to enhance your practice that cost you nothing

In our generation, healers like everyone else are eager to embrace the latest toy and technology in order to boost their healing power practice.
In doing so, we overlook many absolutely free techniques and practices that can be done to take your practice up a notch.
One such technique is to use the traditional Chinese medicine clock.
Here's how and why simply booking your client appointments in specific time slots will give a healing more powerful than if appointments are just randomly booked.

Ki Flow Clock

The Ki Flow Clock is also known by the following names:
Chinese Organ Clock
          Traditional Chinese Medicine Clock
          Qi Clock
          Circa Dianrythms

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and other ancient healing traditions in Asia. Universal Life Force Energy (ki, qi, huna, prana) flows through the twelve body organs and completes one cycle every twenty-four hours. 

The Chinese Organ Clock shows the flow of the vital energy through various organ systems in relation to the time of day. Each organ has maximum energy for two hours. The organ has minimum energy (or lowest flow of Qi) 12 hours later.

TCM practitioners use this information diagnostically, as well as to determine the optimal time for treating specific imbalances.
For example, we see the bladder marked as 3-5pm.  This means the life force energy is strongest in the bladder at that time.  So if we had a client with bladder issues, it would make sense to schedule his treatment between 3:00 and 5:00 pm and work with life force energy that is naturally strong then.

Conversely, the bladder is weakest twelve hours later between three and five in the morning.  (We can see this easily as these are the hours we awaken to void bladders.)  This would be a second time to work with the bladder issues –when the energy is lowest there.

See how easy it is to work with the energy to create a healing session that is in the client's highest and best good.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Anatomy of a Chakra: Chakra Spin

Anatomy of a Chakra
Chakra Spin

The Anatomy of a Chakra
(Connie Dohan Copyright 2015)

A chakra (both front side and rear sides) is comprised of an inner sphere and an outer sphere.

Purpose and Function
Inner Sphere
        -receives programming from self and the Divine
        -enables directing of our spiritual gifts to fulfill our life’s mission
Outer Sphere
        -personal wants, dreams, hopes, hurts
        -adapts self to surrounding world (reality check)

Speed of Spin
The chakras are, by definition, “spinning vortexes”
 Inner sphere sets the pace for the outer sphere.
Inner sphere  should spin at approximately 2x the rate of the outer sphere.
If not 2-1 then another ratio
Lower chakras spin slower than the upper chakras.

Direction of Spin (the Great Debate)
The correct answer is
                Clockwise – normal, healthy
                Counterclockwise – unhealthy, misconceptions
There are so many exceptions to the rule, it can be diffficult to know what “healthy” really looks like.
Here is a partial listing of some conditions in which one or more of the chakras will be spinning in reverse:
               -deep spirituality
                -serious illness
                -some herbs
                -some medicines.

Should be even, round with a steady spin
Should be approximately one foot in diameter at outer point
A top heavy chakra shows someone who is spiritual.
A bottom heavy chakra shows someone who is more physical.

Evaluating Spin
Very simply:
Spinning too fast causes anxiety.
Spinning too slow causes depression

More detailed:
Swing round, uniform,clockwise - healthy
Swing round, uniform, counter clockwise
        -processing or clearing negative energy in attempt to attain   balance
Swing non uniform, uneven counter clockwise
        -chakra is blocked and unable to clear self
Vertical ellipse or straight line
        -overly spiritual –“so heavenly bound they’re no earthly good”
        -only see what they want  to see
        -puts off doing things until it of no avail
Horizontal ellipse or straight line
        -practical over spiritual
        -focus on trees and can’t “see the forest”
        -believes God helps those who help themselves
        -doesn’t allow for Divine intervention
Elliptical or straight line swinging to subject’s right
        -task oriented
        -lives in today
        -stronger male traits than female traits

Elliptical or straight line swinging to subject’s left
        -can be impractical and ungrounded
        -intuition over logic   
        -typical female traits
Not moving or nearly still
        -indicative of a closed chakra somewhere
                (look for block or presenting issue)
Large swing
        open, healthy and good functioning
Too large swing
        -chakra is over strained and over worked, over functioning
        -determine which chakra(s) the chakra is compensating for
Small swing
        under functioning
        opening and clearing needed

Source:  Cyndi Dale & others

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Reiki Distant or Live?

I am a Reiki Master with 20 years experience in Usui Reiki, Power Reiki, Practical Reiki and Huna Reiki

I was an energy Master in many modalities before I came to Reiki,

Almost immediately upon dipping my toes in the "reiki" pool, I noticed a huge clash of disharmony in what was supposed to be a peaceful harmonious healing modality.

Live or distant?

Simply put Reiki is directing the "ki" the universal life force of God.
I stand as a pure vessel allowing God to flow through me.
Who am I to limit God and say you can only flow 1 inch through my hand?

I noticed that even fervent supporters of the "live reiki" side of the debate practice distant reiki.  When presented with the client with a nasty looking rash or burn, the practitioner does not touch the client but raises her hand from the area and allows the energy flow with a gap between her hand and the client.  This gap is a distance. 

As a vessel it is my responsibility to allow only the strongest, purest energy to flow through me. Restricting how far that energy can flow is like putting filter on the flow of the energy telling Spirit to only flow a short distance and I'm not the one to do that.

I have had some fantastic healers and students live.  As well I have had some horrible students and healers live. The same can be said for distance healing.
It does not matter whether the person received the training live or distant but on the 

mastery & commitment of the teacher to pass the Reiki  techniques and energy on.
This plus ability of the student/practitioner to be a Clear Channel.

On a closing note, I've always felt that Reiki was gift from universe for every one.
That being said, distant techniques are the only way I can see to allow people in remote areas or areas where Reiki  is not practised to be a part of the universal life flow

Just food for thought.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Helping Lightworkers Shine - paid & free activities

What to do?
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

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