Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Reiki[, Herbs, Traditional Medication & Surgery

I write this because I am bothered by a super  duper common cold -uncommon for me  as a get a single cold every 2-3 years.   I choose to  take an over the counter medication (sudafed).

I have made a medication error.

I am prompted by a vague thought from my years as a RN to read pill bottle label.   Sure enough,  the medicine was contra-indicated (shouldn't be taken) in my situation.

Although I have had Parkinsons Disease (PD) for over 34 years no one told me that almost every over the counter cold remedy was a no-no in my case.   IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW HAS  PD, PLEASE ASK THEM TO CHECK THE LABEL OF ANY OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATION BEFORE INGESTING IT. (This goes for any condition).

All this got me thinking  back on some "lively" discussions I've had on reconciling the use of traditional medication  and reiki/energy medicine herbs.

There is nothing gained by suffering silently (or not so silently) and playing the martyr experiencing pain or suffering in this 21st century.

God, Spirit, Universe made every thing - modern medication (which has it's roots in herbology),/ the reiki practitioner as well as a the  brain surgeon.  Choose from God's abundant supply house what ever resource works best in your situation and be prepared to switch as your situation may change.

Most of all, you are not "being disloyal" to or abandoning reiki/energy healing if you use traditional medication or doctors.  You are exercising common sense , even wisdom  to choose the method, or combination of methods that work  best for you to keep you well and shining your light in a very dark world.

One option If you absolutely must take a medication that doesn't agree with or your body can't tolerate/ rejects implants or surgical steel (plates for broken bones), I suggest one avenue would be to search out a Matrix Energy Healer.  Ask for the "harmonizing" /"balancing" frequency.  This will sort things out by putting in  place a frequency that makes the body and  the foreign body compatible.  (That's the simple explanation).

As always, this advice does not replace a traditional doctor's advice.
Be sure to keep your traditional doctor informed of any alternate therapies you are involved in.  As well. make sure that your caregiver of alternate medicine is aware of any traditional treatments you are under going.

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