Friday, January 31, 2014

Think You're Not Psychic?? Take a L@@K at This!

If you don't think psychic ability is real,
if you think it is "woo-woo" or way out there,
if you think you're not psychic,
or if you'd like  to be "more psychic",
YOU need to be at  Reiki Awakening's free "Ask A Psychic" with Connie Dohan (part of the Instant Insights series).

Psychic ability is entirely dependent upon the functioning of one physical body gland and one physical body organ.  Bet you can't guess which two!

The organ and the gland are the most underused and under developed in the human body.  Come and find out which two body parts psychic ability hinges on ......and simple practical things you can do to get  your "psychic spigot"  flowing.

Also find out why the "3rd eye" is a misnomer and why it really should be called the "1st eye".

Cards, crystal balls, runes, free mini readings, how you can use your psychic abilities for fun or profit 

This is one action packed  hour you  don't want to miss.  It's FREE but you must register to receive the link)  click here

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