Monday, January 11, 2016

Tibetan Quartz Om Crystal


This crystal is perhaps one of the best  kept secrets in the metaphysical world.
It looks like a rough quartz crystal but it is so much more.

These crystals come from very high 
altitudes in the Hymalan mountain range. They must be hand harvested and only in the springtime. Despite this they are very affordable. You should be able to get a nice piece for under $10.

They most commonly come in  clear  quartz but can also be found in black, purple. Some people see it in pink but this is just a variation  of the purple.

It's properties are much different from the typical quartz crystal.

They encompass the full spectrum of colors and emit the sacred OM vibration.
They embody ancient sacred wisdom and are wonderful for anyone on a sacred journey.
As they continuously clean the aura of anything nearby they are often worn close to the chest.
They do emit a subtle buzz most people can sense.
Clear is most common; black is considered the most powerful.
I find that most metaphysical shops do not handle them but they are readily available on eBay.

For those of you in the Columbus, Ohio area, don't miss the first sizzler of 2016!  See you Saturday 16 January noon until 4pm.

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