Friday, January 1, 2016

Feeling BLAH?

 Does this sound like you?

You are probably experiencing "ascension symptoms"

As the vibration  of the earth rises, your body is attempting to ascend as well.
The process usually brings on any or all of  the symptoms listed above.

Whether or not you are experiencing any untoward signs, your body needs a boost.  It is stuck in the pattern of 2015 & it needs to break free so as to cope with 2016.

This is accomplished by a Marconics session. Maraconics Energy is a transmission of very high vibrational energy .  It raises the vibration of your body and energy so you can cope with all the changes swirling around you.
 A by "by product" of this is that health and well being is promoted.  Clients report increased energy levels and a well as improvement in long term health challenges.

Marconics can be received live in person in Dublin, Ohio or remotely any where in the world.

A session costs $70 and usually lasts 30-45 minutes.

Call Connie (614 989 4550) today for your Marconics Energy session today at the special introductory January only price of $60

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