Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Addictions coffee, nicotine, choclate. What's yours& HowTo Zap It

January is not yet through and your resolution to quit smoking, lose 60 pounds or what ever is only a memory.  In fact, the habit you are try to kick is even stronger than before.

What happened?

Like most people, you attacked the problem at the visual level  -maybe even the anatomical level.

The symptom lies in the physical/anatomical body.

The source lies in the aura chakra level.

The most often used example of this is a person having an amputation from the knee down wanting a massage for the cold achy foot.  The physical limb was removed but the aura still remains.

The list below shows where in the chakra  system each addiction hides - there is some over lap between some of the chakras.

 But wait...remember the front side of the chakra system is brought into harmony by use of color.  The front side is also the present.

The rear side of the chakra system is brought into harmony by sound - musical tones.  It is the past.

For example a suicidal person will have a distorted base (red) chakra. Treating the suicidal tendencies by flooding the aura and chakras with red may help temporarily with the symptoms but the underlying cause is still lurking in the rear chakra - treated by sound.

So, the front is the "now", the present - what you see
-he is suicidal
-he is angry
-he is anxious

The rear is the past - what you don't see
How he got this way
-his gene pool
-his experience
-his medication

So be sure you are working with the rear side of the chakra system.


Root: (O black)
Cravings for rooted foods – nuts, potatoes etc
Cravings for alcohol derived from root foods
              Vodka (potato based)

Base: (1st red)
Hard Drugs
Over eating
Craving red meat, milk products

Sacral: (2nd orange)
Over eating gluten based foods
Overly or underly emotionally reactive

Solar Plexus: (3rd yellow)
Caffeinated and “power drinks”
Corn based alcohol (bourbon)
Overly critical

Heart: (4th green)
Always has to “be in love”

Throat: (5th blue)
Oral fixations
Always eating or talking
Eats when bores, anxious, lonely

3rd Eye: (6th indigo)
Over/under eating
Body distortions

Crown: (7th violet/white)
Overly committed to a religious group
 or dogma
Over/under eating
Compulsive use of prayer or meditation

Always early/always late
Doesn’t know when to end a relationship - in a string of one bad relationship after another
Absorbs energies of others & then craves stimulants or depressants to cope.

Soul: (9th)
Over concern for others
Self starving

 based on information in the Cyndi Dale books

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