Saturday, December 26, 2015

Seeing Numbers?

Numbers are all around us.....
credit card numbers
grocery receipt numbers
address numbers
license plate numbers name a few.

Spirit often speaks to us in numbers.  
Are you being spoken to?  Being given the answers you seek & don't even know it?

Have you noticed lately you are being surrounded by the same number or same group of numbers?
For example  do you:
-roll over in bed, look at the clock & see  1:11
-find the only cashier open to be #11
-see license plates with different combos of 1
-look up the address where you are going -it is  111  
-find the recipe you need on page 11 or 111
-have your cash register receipt $11.11 or $111.11

If you find yourself surrounded but the same number  (or group of numbers), this is not by accident.  It is by  divine purpose.
There are many ways to find out what your recurring number means:
-hard cover or paper back - Angel Numbers by D. Virtue
-on line
- app for your phone

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