Friday, February 27, 2015

Tip #3 - How to boost your healing sessions for free or next to nothing

TIP #3
This is tip #3 in a series of ways for the energy healer to boost the oomph of their energy sessions at little or no cost to themselves.

Like color, sound is all around you.  It has a profound affect on our being  - can make us happy, nostalgic, sad, sleepy  and I 'm sure you can add several others to the list.

So, why not harness sound & make it do your job for you?

Certain music aids in balancing the chakras.  The "industry standard" is THE TEN MINUTE CHAKRA by Weave. Anything by Goldman (YouTube) is also excellent.

So put it to work for you. 
Start with your telephone answering machine music.
Out with the jarring  sound that jangles the nerves.   Use a chakra clip.  (If your phone does not allow you to put in specific clips, silence is better than the  wrong  thing).

On to your waiting area - ditch the mood music and bring on the chakra music.  It's like giving the energetic body a wee massage  before the client even reaches the table.

In the healing room, replace the ambient music with music that works with and toward the same goal.  Chakra music  - only makes sense.

In between sessions recommend a chakra clip to your client.  They can just play it in the background while doing mindless work or while falling asleep.  The chakras absorb the tones with the client not having to pay attention to them at all....push ups and sit ups for the energetic body with no effort from the client what-so-ever.

Sound  can work with your client even when you can't - it's fingers gently massaging energetic body in places you can't even reach.

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