Thursday, February 26, 2015

TIP #2 for boosting the power of your Energy Healing practice at No Extra Cost

Tip #2

This is second in a series of things which cost little or nothing that you can use to up the power of  your healing practice.

Color is  all around us yet few healers fail to incorporate it into their practice.

One of the most under-employed strategies is the practice of the healer wearing WHITE.

Why white?
-evokes impressions of cleanliness, purity

-is a plain back drop enhancing your opportunity for seeing angels,guides, ancestors as well as the aura and the chakras

-most importantly what color you  wear is a cue to the client's chakra system.  If you wear orange your client's sacral chakra  will be stimulated.  Is that what you want?

-So make color work for you and not against you.  If you don't have white clothing & don't care to invest in a white wardrobe, simply dress as you please and throw on a white lab coat.

As with the TCM chi clock  (in the previous post) a little change can boost your sessions profoundly.

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