Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Reiki Distant or Live?

I am a Reiki Master with 20 years experience in Usui Reiki, Power Reiki, Practical Reiki and Huna Reiki

I was an energy Master in many modalities before I came to Reiki,

Almost immediately upon dipping my toes in the "reiki" pool, I noticed a huge clash of disharmony in what was supposed to be a peaceful harmonious healing modality.

Live or distant?

Simply put Reiki is directing the "ki" the universal life force of God.
I stand as a pure vessel allowing God to flow through me.
Who am I to limit God and say you can only flow 1 inch through my hand?

I noticed that even fervent supporters of the "live reiki" side of the debate practice distant reiki.  When presented with the client with a nasty looking rash or burn, the practitioner does not touch the client but raises her hand from the area and allows the energy flow with a gap between her hand and the client.  This gap is a distance. 

As a vessel it is my responsibility to allow only the strongest, purest energy to flow through me. Restricting how far that energy can flow is like putting filter on the flow of the energy telling Spirit to only flow a short distance and I'm not the one to do that.

I have had some fantastic healers and students live.  As well I have had some horrible students and healers live. The same can be said for distance healing.
It does not matter whether the person received the training live or distant but on the 

mastery & commitment of the teacher to pass the Reiki  techniques and energy on.
This plus ability of the student/practitioner to be a Clear Channel.

On a closing note, I've always felt that Reiki was gift from universe for every one.
That being said, distant techniques are the only way I can see to allow people in remote areas or areas where Reiki  is not practised to be a part of the universal life flow

Just food for thought.

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