Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why I Don't Give Reiki for Free -Venting

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Why I Don’t Give Free Reiki
 I am a healer, an intuit, a seer and a Light Worker.  This is not a hobby.  It is my life’s calling, my soul’s purpose.  It is more than what I do.  It is what I am.
I didn’t just wake up this way one day.  I have devoted huge amounts of time, energy & money to discover, hone, develop and tweak my abilities to get where I am today.
Underneath the surface of the extra powerful healer & that reader that is so spot-on that it is uncanny lies 30 years of overcoming pain and adversity, thousands of dollars expended on courses, trainings.  Like wise countless miles traveled alone to get to the destinations that offered the modalities needed.
I did not have a guide, I walked the path alone. 
No one gave me a free (or discounted) ride.
When I did not have the funds for what I felt I needed, I did not insult the master by showing up and expecting a freebie.
I freed up funds in my personal life by doing without things I previously thought to be essential.
As, I obtained certifications, I spent most of my weekends at fairs and expos plying my trade while gaining experience and  exposure all the while hoping for enough in take to cover expenses and a bit extra.
This did not always happen.  Sometimes these venues were a bust-costing more for booth & gas than was taken in.
In the process, lack caused me to learn to manifest – really manifest.

You wouldn’t show up at the salon and tell the stylist that your hair is too long & that the stylist should give you a free cut because you have spent all your money else where .  That would be absurd!
Reality check- you will always find the $ for the things you really want or believe to be of value.

Why would you expect free or discounted advice or services from me?
I have business and personal expenses.  My bank won’t take your IOU or discount my fees because I have discounted a service to you.
Don’t insult or demean Source by expecting to pay less than the posted price, being late for an appointment or not cancelling in advance if something comes up.

I am insulted when people ask or hint for a freebie. Their gaze is turned inward on self not outward on the gift or upward to the Divine (the source).

Think about it.


  1. GOOD FOR YOU! THANK YOU for saying this, Connie. You are worth MUCH more than what you actually charge, and you deserve the respect of a master by anyone who would receive your services or learn from you. I wish everyone could read this post. I think I'll link to it on my blog. You ROCK, and again, THANK YOU for posting this.

  2. Oops. There I go undervaluing myself again. I just hate to see people suffering... And I don't want to seem like a mercenary or an opportunist. So when I volunteer Reiki, it usually is for free. It's not that people angle for it. It's that I can't resist offering it, and lot of my friends have money problems, too. What to do? Is donation-based Reiki (with a suggested donation) fair? And what if they say no because they can't afford it, and I just die inside because I want to help them so bad?

    - Dragon Lady