Friday, November 14, 2014

If you live in Columbus Ohio, there is a great opportunity available  to you!
Receive over $150 worth of attunements - all with manuals & ability to pass on....
Columbus Super Sizzler price $20
 For personal or professional use.

How to get your Super Attunement 6 pack
1. Pre pay by paypal button
2.  You will receive  an email with all the info you need - including address
3.  Attend  the meeting and receive your Guardian Angel Attunement live.
4.  Receive the remainder of the attunements distant as scheduled  (manuals email)
-Color of Angels
- 49 Angel Symbols
- Full Spectrum Light
-Intuition Reiki
-Etheric Cord Flush

Connect With the Angels

Seeking Angelic assistance but can't seem to connect with your angel(s)?

Join us live in Columbus Ohio   19 Nov  8pm  and learn to connect!

Did you know that you can be attuned to Angels?  

You will receive  a brief class on angels followed by The Guardian Angel Attunement.
as well as :
Ability to pass it on  (normal charge is $25)
9 page manual  detailing what exactly the attunement is, how to receive it, how to send it.

This attunement connects you with your own Guardian Angel who will be with  you always - assisting with healing and providing guidance when asked.  The more you seek contact with your guardian  angel, the more you will feel your angel's presence.
Includes a single attunement, manual and ability to pass on the attunement to others.

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