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4 Things Energy Healers Neglect to Do

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Blanket courtesy of Mildred Cox
 MY BLANKET- A Tip for Energy Healers

Why are some energy healers so much stronger than others?
A fantastic healer:
-has natural ability
-has training in more than one modality
-works for he highest and most good of  client,
-makes the most of external influences.

Most healers do steps 1-3 but I seen even very seasoned healers be less than the very best they could be by over looking step 4 - outside influences.  Just by doing a  few free or very inexpensive things, any healer can up the power of their healing in an amazing way.

1.  You can't go in naked.  You have to wear something. With limited knowledge of the chakra system, you know that the front side of the system responds to color.  So what ever color you wear  will stimulate one or more chakras.  White,the combination of all colors, is the best color to wear as it  doesn't draw out any one particular color..

2. .The same applies to the walls.  They should be either white or very pale.  If you have no control this because you are renting, make sure to have a wall hanging or a major focal piece that has all the colors in it.  This may be something you have to transport to and from but it will be worth it

3. If you're going to be using music anyway, use  chakra balancing music - The 10 Minute Chakra by Weave is one of many good ones. 

4. You  use intent in all your healing.  Why stop there?  You can use intent in  the bottles of drinking water that you give out.
Think of a new ways to use intent.   For example, this blanket was crocheted by hand with intent built into every stitch.  Imagine what the vibes feel like lying under this one.!

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