Sunday, September 14, 2014

Past, Present, Future

This past week I attuned  2 new Chios Masters.
Tony Burton

April Tessmer

Want to become a Chios  Master too?  As a Certified Chios Master Teacher, I can do that - just shoot me an email for more info   click here.

Currently doing advanced mentoring live or distant

Little Hands Reiki
Empower kids - attune them to  Reiki
3 CNEs


                          Reiki Circle ...FREE
                         tonight 9pm eastern
                          for link click here 

Amazing Anatomy Fact #12
The femur - thigh bone - is the longest bone in the body.
In an average adult it measures 18" (46 cm) long.

 Actually it's "air trip".....
Leaving tomorrow at the crack of dawn to Maryland for 4 days with Alice.                                                                       

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