Sunday, September 7, 2014

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                                              AMAZING ANATOMY FACT #8
Fact  #8

               Scalp hair grows 0.01 inches 
                (0.35mm) per day.

Why choose RAA's Holistic Studies Program?
Who can take the RAA Holistic Studies Certificate?
This course can be designed for newbies or those with experience.  It can also be tailored for private or professional purposes.
The course can be taken ANYWHERE in the world.  The only requirements are access to a computer and a good command of the English language.
The course is designed specifically for YOU.
Upon registering, Connie will contact you and discuss YOUR goals, anxieties,concerns and expectations.
She will craft a personalized flexible Course of Study that you can complete at your convenience.
Connie remains available to you through out your studies should your goals change or you hit a  snag along the way.
The Classes
These are not mail order self study diplomas.  RAA classes are live one on one (or small group)  using Adobe's virtual class room platform. You interact live in real time with your teacher.  Get answers on the spot.
All classes are recorded giving the student unlimited replays for study or refreshing information.
Independent Study classes are also available.  These recorded classes are usually accessed by those with time zone issues but are available to anyone.
The Teachers
Both Connie and Alice are recognized EXPERTS in the fields of metaphysics and energv healing. Both:
-are intuits with a world wide client bases
-have authored 5 star books distributed on Amazon
-have been Reader' Choice nominees
-have been presenters at Lilydale
-have created/channeled new Reiki modalities (Practical         Reiki and Power Reiki).
-have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in       instruction and mentoring.
Course Components
Your course will be comprised of 30 classes..
15 electives 
3 tools
3 healing modalities 
3 business
3 energy anatomy
3 intuition
Course Clinchers
These consist of a Healer's Log and a Graduation Project. 
By the end of the course, you will have logged 100 healing hours.
You will also have taken a project of your choosing and taken it from start to finish with Connie there to guide you along  the way.  (Some alumni have created a book or deck of cards- taken it from a blank page one to its first sale on Amazon.  You could start your own business like many others.)  What ever makes your heart sing!  This is your opportunity to shine and turn your dream into reality.
 You deserve the absolute BEST.  Choose  Reiki Awakening Academy.

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