Sunday, September 21, 2014

Catching Up


 Spent last week in Maryland with Alice Langholt  and her:
-husband Ev
-4 children 
-2 cats 
     - Pipi
     - Smudge 
-3 guinea pigs
-1 fish 
The picture is of Alice & I at the Asian market on the hunt for supper veggies.

-I am giving the house a much needed blitz. As I sit surrounded by bags and boxes bulging and destined for various charities, I pause and marvel & give thanks  for the abundance we take for granted in this country.

-I am working with a company to put my angels onto fabric
-the process is fascinating and my first samples arrived yesterday.
-plan is to put them into a quilt so  that I will be surrounded with angels.   One swatch - my holey angel- is yet to come.

Just for Fun:

Amazing Anatomy  Fact #13

Tooth enamel is the strongest material in the body.

Just for fun: 
Interesting optical illusions to stimulate your right brain so that you can increase your intuitive/psychic self
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Power Reiki Master Certificate plus Intro  Working with Rays.

Sep 25 at 11 am (eastern)
Power Reiki Master Certificate

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