Thursday, August 21, 2014

Why Namaste?

For some of you reading this, you ask, what the heck is "namaste" - never mind why "namaste".

"Namaste" is  Sanskrit word.  Translating it in to English gives it many nuances but it is generally translated  "The Spirit in me salutes the Spirit in you".

It's common usage is as a greeting of both "hello" and "good  bye".  It is used both at the beginning and end of an encounter.  It often associated with hands in prayer position at the heart and a slight bow of the head.

Up until about five years ago, it was in common use in North America in metaphysical and healing circles.

In this fast paced world of technology and things, this simple gesture is falling out of usage and I am sadden but it's departure from our culture.

This one word gesture has POWER. Just by saying the word all of the following (plus  more) benefits are realized in your life:

1. Initially it causes you to slow down and take focus off of yourself and your business and problems.

2. It causes you to briefly reflect on Source from which we all come and is the divine spark in all of us.

3 It recognizes  the person in front of us as a holy vessel of the Divine Spark and as such should be treated with respect, awe and wonder...a piece of God is right in front of you!

4.  It reminds each one of us of the beauty and power that WE ARE as part of the Divine.

5. It reminds us to fan that Divine Spark within us to a Holy Fire.

6. As caretakers of the Divine Flame what are you doing that quashes the Light?  What can you do to make it a blazing

7. Lastly it sandwiches everything between the opening namaste & the closing namaste - putting it on holy ground with the opportunity to rise up in vibration changing not only itself but ourselves and all things around it.

All this from a single word! Who'd have guessed?


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