Monday, August 25, 2014

Why Chios?

Why Chios?
Chios Healing is a powerful healing modality that goes beyond the physical body and heals at the deeper level of the auras and chakras.

Its system is unique as are its 3 attunements.  It has its own powerful meditation technique.

Its is equally powerful live as it is distant.  It can be taught live or distant.

Check out  the web page chios healing.  See me - Connie Dohan - listed as a Certified Chios Master Teacher.

Level One Certificate - Foundations
Level Two Certificate - Practitioner
Level Three Certificate- Master

It can be taught in one of 3 ways
1. Live in Columbus Ohio 
$85 per level (or $230 up front  for all three bundled)
2. Virtual Class Room (recorded so you have a copy)
$85 per level (or $230 up front for all three bundled)
3. Traditional Self Study
$75 per level (or $210 up front for all three bundled)

You will also need the manual & work book for each level - free down load from
As well, you will need the book pack from me $35
-Chios text
-Anatomy for Energy Healers
-Which Clair Are You? (ebook)

Upon completion of the Master level, you will be qualified to teach as well as to give attunements.
You will receive a "teacher kit" giving you the master symbol, attunement procedures manual, answer key to all 3 work books.

For more info or to register...Connie 614 989 4550

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