Thursday, August 7, 2014

Meditation that Works

Tried to meditate and found yourself dozing?
Or maybe you've found yourself revising the grocery list or reviewing the grocery list.

What's happening?
What's wrong?
You've bought all the CDs DVDs and books.
You've attended the classes and even learned some you.

You know that meditation seems to be the foundation stone to every thing you are trying to attain in the energetic and metaphysical realms yet no matter how hard you try, meditation elludes you.

You are not alone.  Most North Americans fail abysmally when it comes to meditation.
Enter "Meditation in a Bag" - "Meditation North American Style".   Here you have all the tools you need for successful, effective plus a 20 minute video clip showing what the others have not shown you,  All this designed to have you actually meditating -not dozing or doing the grocery  list.

Deluxe "Meditation in a Bag" - Meditation that Works, $35 Meditation for Busy People, Meditation North American Style:
-cream angel print, lined with gold colored satin storage bag
-deluxe multi-colored wooden mala 
         -double mala 216 beads
         - when not in use, can be worn as bracelet or necklace
-fabulous angel print prayer shawl 
           - approx 2'x5'  
           -choice cream or black
-20 minute (unlisted) YouTube video clip 

Color Choice

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