Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tips for Accuracy in Card Reading

Tips for giving accurate cards readings.

To reassure myself, boost my self confidence & ensure  a superior card reading, here are a few tips ...

Think  outside the box!
1.  Do your initial lay out and reading.  Then do a second reading in a different modality.  If your original lay out was angel cards, your second  layout might be tarot, pendulum, runes etc.  The readings may not be identical but they shoud dovetail/support each other.

2.  Mix 2 different decks together.  This gives more options for each draw and gives an interesting twist to your readings.

3.If it is your practice to allow your client to draw the cards, some times this can get a bit dicey.  If you sense that the wrong cards have been drawn, simply leave the client's draw out.  Now you draw the same layout and lay it under the client's.  Do both readings and the client will receive the correct information from yours.

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