Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Angel Caller, Harmony Chimes, Baby Belly Bells, Bola Ball

Angel Caller.Harmony Chime.Baby Belly Bells.Bola Ball
Known by many different names, these delightful pieces of jewelry have been used by women in many cultures across the centuries.
Most commonly made of silver, these items consist of
-        a holey cage/locket
-        a hollow inner ball
-        a silver chain 16”-30”
-        a waxed cord or soft rubber rope 40’’-48”
The composition of the pendant causes a musical echo with movement of the wearer.  Legend has it that this sound draws angels around.
In many countries, these pendants are used by pregnant women in a special way.
At around the twentieth week of pregnancy (or when the mother experiences quickening), the pendant is placed on a longer rope or chain such that it rests on the navel.
When the mother moves, it is said, angels are drawn to the unborn child.  As well, the baby hears the sound and connects it as being part of the mother.  After birth, anyone can swing the ball to create the sound that soothes and calms the baby.
The pendant can be worn on any length of rope or chain. As well it can be worn on top of or underneath clothing.
Worn by women at all stages of life, the baby bells are often passed down to daughters as a keepsake or family tradition.
Perfect for a gift for yourself or any aged female, your angel caller comes complete in gift box or bag
-silver cage
-bola ball
-16”silver chain,
-40” soft black cord with lobster clasp

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