Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Before/After Aura Analysis of your Product -boost sales

Increase sales by giving YOUR product the edge & credibility it needs. 

You know your product is the best so PROVE it! 

Put our resources to work building a Performance Evaluation of your product. 

We provide the following:
- Before & after aura / chakra photography of your product in use to show the effect your product has on an individual's aura and chakra.
- Written summary assessment / evaluation.
This report is suitable for posting on your web or blog, for flyers for window displays, POS displays, expos or including on product insert or labels. We've done dozens of products from puzzles to CDs, candles, metaphysical tools. 

Both aura camera and bio  feedback machines are used.
(Your analysis report will be 10-14 pages with many pictures.
There will be a long detailed portion for the advanced   as well as a short summary promoting the product in lay man's terms)

Put our expertise to work for you.  
Report is emailed 72 hours from receipt of product.
Cost $50-$75 .
If return of product is wanted, shipping is at your cost.

Contact Connie    614 989 4550    amidangels@gmail.com

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