Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sell the goat

Sell the goat
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During my life as an energy healer, I have clients & situations quite outside the book.  I have done a psychic reading for a cat, distance healing for a snake, live energy sessions for a lizard.
I remember one particular client who made an appointment with me only after ensuring that I used many modalities  beyond reiki- sound, color, crystals etc.  

In preparation for her arrival, I went about cleansing the room, setting up crystal grids, choosing chakra balancing music and just in general preparing for a very intense session that the client had indicated she would need.
The client presented exhausted and weepy, with a history of seeing multiple energy healings with no results.  She said I was her last resort.

She got up on the massage table and as I began a body scan for what I expected to be a very intense session.  I intuited the statement “Sell the goat”, It repeated itself “Sell the goat” I make it a point of following my intuition/inner voice but ...this was seriously weird. However, I summoned up my courage and stopped less than five minutes into the session & said “Sell the goat”.
To my great relief, she popped up off the table crying and said “I’ve been to over 20 healers & have spent massive amounts of time and money with no relief. But you hit the problem on the head.  I run a small market farm and I’m just exhausted and selling the goat will ease my load and make my workload manageable.”  She thanked me profusely & paid the full one hour session fee for ten minutes & “Sell the goat”.

Now the phrase, “Sell the goat” is a reminder to me to always trust that inner voice. I offer the phrase to you – When you’re in doubt, tell yourself, “Sell the goat.” Take a leap of faith and heed your intuition, your inner knowing, your gut will. It will never fail you. 
Take a leap of faith and heed your intuition, your inner knowing, your gut will.  It will never fail you

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