Sunday, February 21, 2016

How to cleanse a cat!

How to cleanse a cat!

One thing my students know right off the start is that the best way to crystals, spaces, sacred tools, or in fact anything is a hunk of selenite.

If They only have one crystal in their collection it is selenite.
Selenite is nature's cleanser Selenite cl eans deeply, thoroughly and gently.

As well it is easy to use.
Simply place the object you want cleansed on or beside the selenite and walk away. Leave it for a few hours, or overnight or even a couple days. When you come back you will find your objects cleansed and ready to use. If you have forgotten it for a long time that's okay too. The selenite method is intense yet gentle. It can be used on even the softest of stones without risk of damaging stone.

I use selenite in all my meditation and healing grids,..
I normally make a point of sorting out  all my crystals and putting them away after each session .

One evening I had a particularly intense session with the client and fell asleep before doing so.    awoke the next morning, to find  the cat positioned in selenite grid corner  and contentedly purring away with no intention of f moving.  He was quite miffed when I put the selenite  away.

Another use for selenite - cleansing  the family cat.

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