Monday, June 1, 2015

Many forms of reiki -- Which is Best?

There are many forms of reiki out there -usui, practical, huna etc.
Done as a pure channel and `sincere energy worker  all modalities reach the finish line at the same time.

As reiki means "directing God  energy".  All forms of reiki are simply ways of directing the God Energy.  Every one is really working with the same energy - just delivering it in different ways.

All reiki modes are competitively priced and with advances in the virtual class room and on line learning , the aspiring student has access to excellent teachers world wide.

So why does Practical Reiki give you more bang for your buck?

Consider the following:

Practical  Reiki Master
(live or remote)
level 1 (+intro $127)
level 2 ($127)
level 3  ($147)

Little Hands Reiki 
(live or remote) 
includes all teaching material ($150)
prerequisite: Practical Reiki Level 1
cirriculum specific to kids
 also 3 CNEs eligible

 Practical Reiki for Nurses
(live or remote) ($45)
prerequisite: Practical Reiki Level 2
recognized by nursing associations for CNEs
eligible 8 CNEs

Practical Reiki Instructor for Nurses ($495)

Practical Reiki Instructor (basic- can't teach nurses)($395)

Energy Healing Daily Draw Cards   $15

Practical Reiki comes out the winner giving you lots of room to expand personally, professionally and even financially.

 Let me help you into or farther along your energy healing path.

Any questions or to register - call me 614 989 -4550 or
email me at

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