Sunday, June 28, 2015

Energy Healing- Why so many modalities? Which is the right one?

Today the Light Worker has many modalities to choose from.  It can be confusing & overwhelming.
One of the most frequently asked questions I get is:
"Which is the right energy healing modality to learn?"

The answer to the question is:
"It depends on what you want to do with it."
There are many, many modalities out there.  Each has its own frequency and therefore each works best in some     areas of healing than the others.

Consider the human hand.  It is comprised of five digits.  They all look similar and function in a like mode.  Yet we use them for different tasks.
We can use a single finger or we can use two or more fingers functioning together depending on the task.
Together, they make up the human hand.
If any one is partially or entirely missing, the hand does not function maximumly.

Energy healing is very similar:
Each modality stands alone as its own unit yet is part of a bigger whole.  (These modalities were chosen ans placed randomly as examples.  You could put modalities of  your own choosing in place of these).

You might find Reiki for example is a lovely gentle energy and works well for general relaxation (prep for surgery or any time of extreme stress).  It also prepares the body to receive healing.

By keeping a Healer's Log and reflecting on it after a month, you will know which modalities work best in which situations for you.
 (Healer's Log dealt with in detail in previous posts).


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