Sunday, May 25, 2014

We're Back! MeetUp and More

We're back!  Sorry about the sudden absence.
 If you are at all squeamish, skip section **thru**

**Mid March, my collar bone broke in a funky way that escaped diagnosis for two weeks.  
Beginning of April, it was surgically repaired with plate and pins. 
Mid April, it became apparent all was not right.  Indeed, a few screws had fallen out and the plate had loosened & shifted.
As well, some of the bone itself had shattered.
This was followed by 2  pulmonary emboli (lung clots) & pneumonia.
Beginning of May was surgery to remove the loose plate/pins and repair the shattered bone  with glue and a huge plate.
The month of May my left arm has  been  immobilized with a huge brace  and I've had to do everything one typing.  In two weeks I get the brace off & can start to use my left hand again.
So we'll be at full speed up here again very soon.  **  

Looking forward,we have two new programs (1 live/1 distant) plus a summer retreat for you to experience.

Check them out.  You don't want to miss any of them!

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