Thursday, October 17, 2013

Prepare to Prosper!

Did you see the different, fresh look of our header? That's the header for our new Reiki Awakening Academy website! Launching VERY SOON, (we're in the testing and training stages!), we'll be having a big launch party! Stay tuned to the next RAA Insights Newsletter for the big announcement!

We'll have balloons! Giveaways! Music! Wine! (Well, pour some in your glass and we'll clink together via the computer!) Can you tell we're excited?

There are so many announcements, it's hard not to give them all away right now, but...I won't. Instead, I'll hand the reigns to Connie, as she tells you all about her new book and class!

Talk to you soon!
Love and light,
RAA Executive Director
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Vision Boards Manifest Visions,
Abundance Generators Generate Abundance!

By Connie Dohan, RAA Associate Director

Think about it.  If are not receiving  REAL abundance in your life on all levels, it’s time to change the way you do things!

I’m Connie Dohan, author of the new book Abundance Generators. I received the understanding of how to create an Abundance Generator during a day of meditation. I immediately wrote this book so everyone could learn how and change the game from scrapbooking to actually producing serious results!

Would you like to hear the first seven pages of the book? I'll read them to you!

The reviews are coming's one from Amazon that explains a lot:
Connie Dohan presents a never-before-seen approach to manifesting your goals. Explained in a clear and practical way, she shows you clearly why the old "Vision Boards" don't work, and how to overcome their shortcomings by using a different arrangement and approach. Take what you learned from The Secret and make it modern, logical, and clear, which will help you send those clear signals to the Universe. This book is amazing, and will bring about many "ah-ha" moments for even the most seasoned Law of Attraction practitioner.
Not to be missed - be sure to get this book!

I invite you to join me for two hours that will be transformational. On October 27, I'm personally teaching the class that will show you how to create an Abundance Generator and answer all of your questions.

We will go beyond the blogs, beyond the book and show you how to create a conduit of supply between you and Source, and then how to actually GET what you want –even the “big” things.

This is the cutting edge, never seen before method, only at   RAA… here for the class that explains it all!

To help support you in making the most effective tool for manifesting, and sharing your success stories with others I also have created:

A Website:
A Blog:
A Face Book group: Abundance Generators
An RAA Class
The Book   or  also available on Amazon (and yes, Kindle too!)

Come to class and get all the support you need to generate the abundance of your dreams...starting NOW!

See you there!

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